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A few years ago, VTI released two workshops produced for home study use. We wanted more people to have the opportunity to trade these successful systems and e-learning courses were the perfect fit!

The systems in both courses were developed over long periods of time by ace trader and instructor, Dr. Ken Long. Ken is always hard at work thinking of ways to enhance and improve upon his systems and the systems in the home study courses are no exception.

We have invited Dr. Long to present a one-day update course on May 4th, so students of these two home study courses are able to learn from him in person, and receive the most up-to-the-minute updates and fresh ideas for using each of these systems. Ken has enthusiastically agreed to share these updates with you, provided that you've done your homework.

You have a rare opportunity to receive a live, in-person update from Dr. Ken Long on the trading systems he developed for the elearning courses — Swing Trading Systems and Core Trading Systems! Attending a single day update with this market master would normally be unheard of, and a priceless event. This is your opportunity to ask questions that only the developer can answer – and ones that you could only know after taking ample time to study and get to know these systems.

If you don't have this home study courses it's not too late! We're offering a super discount so each of you can prepare to attend. If you're ready to be on the fast track with these systems, sign up for the update, and at the same time you're eligible to buy them both at a 35% discount!

For students that take action quickly, we will waive the workshop fee, up to the first 25 enrollees. After the first 25 seats are filled, there will be a nominal fee of $100. Content will include updates for systems presented in each respective e-course.

Be among the first to register and this event is at no charge for you!
Event date: Thursday, May 4th, 9am-6pm at the VTI facility in Cary, NC.

Ken is excited to meet his elearners in person and update you on the latest developments to the Swing and Core systems you have studied and maybe are already trading. Ken’s extensive market knowledge and energetic, dynamic teaching style offer attendees much more than just the one-day event . . . Read on for more details -

Very Special Benefits
Attendees will also receive:
1-A pre-workshop preparatory video lecture,
2- A homework package,
3-Ability to submit specific questions to Ken before the course, and
4- A follow up webinar afterwards.
This gives you numerous ways to learn the system updates and clarify any questions you have with Ken directly.

Students should walk through the VTI classroom door having studied each of the courses, and with some knowledge and experience with the systems contained within. Dr. Long will have a lot of new ground to cover during the course so he will concentrate on intermediate and advanced questions relating to the systems. To maximize everyone’s time in the classroom, he will be unable to teach content already available in the elearning courses.

Ken will present the elearning course update, and on the following day, he will launch into teaching his new Adaptive Swing Trading Workshop. In this three-day intensive workshop, Dr. Long presents a series of advanced, adaptive swing trading systems and strategies that work well for holding periods from two days to two weeks.

If you are considering staying on to attend Adaptive Swing Trading, we’d be happy to sweeten the experience by offering you an additional $500 discount off the workshop price. See below to read about this workshop.
We look forward to seeing you here May 4th - please come and join us if you can!

Learn About Core Trading System Home Study (Longer Term Systems)
Learn About Swing Trading Systems Home Study
Purchase Options
I would like to purchase both home study workshops, Swing Trading Systems and Core Trading Systems. My 35% discount on each courses comes to a total of $2.492.
I have Swing and wish to purchase Core at a discount and attend.
I have Core and wish to purchase Swing at a discount and attend.

I have both courses and I want to attend the one day update class and register for the advanced swing course and get the $500 discount
Purchase both systems and Register to Attend May 4th. $2,492 ...........................
Register and purchase Core for $970 ..........................
Register and Purchase Swing for $1,900 .......................
Register for Adaptive Swing Workshop with ...... discount......
Adaptive Swing Trading Systems: Advanced Trading Workshop
May 5-7, 2017, Cary NC

In this new three-day workshop, Dr. Ken Long presents a series of advanced, adaptive trading systems that work well in the swing period holding timeframe – from two days to two weeks.

A note to Ken from a past student:
"I struggle to find the right words to express the gratitude I feel for you and what you have shared with me. You are what I call a 'life-changer' — someone who emits a high, positive energy, and who is willing to share his expert knowledge and energy for the betterment of those he comes in contact with. Thank you for sharing with me. I believe the right thing for me to do is to pay it forward, and so I am. I continue to learn and grow in life through trading. I appreciate this trade for what it is and how it makes me feel, and now it is time to prepare for the next one. Follow the rules and enjoy the process — the rest is MATH...I would have never known any of this without reading Van's books, taking your at-home courses, and subscribing to your newsletter for the past 5-6 years. So my deepest thanks to all of you guys for what you're doing. Keep up the great work, and hope all is well with you."
What is an Adaptive Trading System?
Adaptive trading systems have rules and rule parameters that adjust to market conditions and price conditions rather than remaining constant.
Which kind of rule parameters work better, adaptive or mechanical?
They both work well, they just work differently. Mechanical rules are more easily understood, are easier to program, and they are easier to execute. Mechanical rule based systems typically do not adjust to changing market conditions and therefore are out of the market at times when the condition criteria are unmet. These are the kind of systems detailed in the Swing Trading Elearning Course.
Adaptive rules require a better understanding by the trader of price action, of self and of the market. These systems can also take more time to monitor and to execute.
You now have two Swing Workshops, one live and one recorded. Which course should I take, the online swing trading course or the live swing trading workshop?
There’s not a simple answer because the courses cover different systems at different levels of assumed knowledge and experience. If you have not traded very much or if you have not been profitable yet for any stretch of time, Ken recommends that traders start as he did—with mechanical rule based systems.
Mechanical, rule-based systems are the kinds of systems taught in the Swing Trading Systems Elearning Course. Once you are competent trading those kinds of systems, then you can progress to the adaptive systems — if you want. There’s a level of skill or craft and knowledge you will develop from the experience of following your rules that then proves its worth as you move into less mechanical trading.
If you have been trading for some time already, especially Ken’s day trading or swing trading systems, you will find the advanced swing workshop’s systems to be an extension of what you have been doing already.
If I have not been trading very long or I have not been trading more mechanical systems, can I still attend?

With a warning— this is an advanced technical workshop intended for traders with an intermediate or advanced level of experience. Ken will move along at a fast pace in this workshop focusing on more advanced topics rather than on introductory topics. Newer traders will feel at a disadvantage in the workshop. Taking the Swing Elearning course would be a much better route for newer traders.

Am I required to take any other course or workshop before this one?

No, no other course is required as a pre-requisite. We do recommend that you have either attended a previous swing trading workshop, day trading workshop, or that you have completed the swing trading elearning course. The more trading experience or knowledge that you have, the more you will benefit from this advanced workshop and the more likely you will be to trade these advanced systems effectively after you get back home. We are offering an attractive discount on the Swing Elearning course for the attendees of this workshop. But understand, this advanced workshop is not an extension of the systems in the elearning course, but rather altogether different systems with different objectives.

What is the discount on the Swing Elearning course to attendees of this live workshop?
When you register for this workshop you will have the option of purchasing the Swing Trading Systems E-Course for more than 20% off. The Ecourse is $2,540 but when you register for this workshop you'll have the option to purchase for $1,995. This is the lowest price we have offered on the home study.
Remember, taking the e-course first is to give you more trading knowledge experience. The Adaptive Swing Systems taught in the workshop ARE NOT SIMILAR to the systems in the E-course. The E-Course is NOT required for the workshop, but trading experience is.
Adaptive Swing Trading Systems: Advanced Trading Workshop
Regression Lines – An Adaptive Framework
For years, Ken has been looking at regression lines to help him understand the broader trends in the market. Recently, he started applying linear regression methods to individual indexes and to individual stock prices to see what he could find. Ken is constantly finding what works and then extending it. He knew that a regression line gave the best linear description of a data set using its slope, and its R2 figure provided very helpful information. Don't worry if you don’t understand these terms or basic statistics—just know that regression lines can be very useful when applied in an appropriate trading system. In simpler language—they work!
As have most traders, Ken has heard plenty about moving averages crossover based systems over the years. The idea has plenty of merit for finding shorter term opportunities within longer term trends. That is, when there are trends. A major problem for moving average crossover systems lies in the flat periods. Traders can get “chopped up” when the price moves up and down causing the averages to cross and then cross back again. Ken wondered if regression lines would work better. They did – but not good enough to have a great trading system yet.
After more thinking, a good amount of research, and testing various strategies, Ken found two additional inputs that added a lot of confidence for his entry and exit signals. Ken first paper traded the concept for a while and then started a prototype trading test with small positions of real money and intraday holding periods. As he traded and evolved the concepts, they gained more clarity and evolved into a framework for a kind of trading with several possible entries and several possible exits. Today, he trades several variations of regression line crossovers (RLCO) on an intraday basis with a “production level” position sizing strategy.
Coaching from Ken After the Workshop

Once you are back home and studying or trading the systems you learned at the workshop, inevitably you will come up with some important questions.

After each Adaptive Swing Trading Workshop and Day Trading Workshop, Ken provides three follow up coaching sessions to answer your latest questions.

In these online sessions, Ken interacts with the participants by sharing ideas and answering questions.

Also, Ken will host three coaching calls following the workshops, approximately one per month and if you can’t make a session, you can watch the recording when it’s convenient for you. These sessions are more than just Q&A as traders also share what’s working great for them and collaborate on ideas to make the systems even more robust.


Intra Day Trading Quiz

Today's quiz is a conceptual piece which asks the question: "How can we leverage the goodness of mechanical swing systems in order to become more adaptive to markets which are becoming increasingly volatile?"

Specifically consider how we might use the mechanical systems as a baseline and extend them by:

  1. looking at other time frames (both higher and lower),
  2. synchronizing with market trends and currents,
  3. applying a price and volatility "sense-making framework" to refine decisions about entry and exit.

After making your notes, review the short video (9 minutes) below and do some "compare and contrast" with the Tortoise-style ideas we describe.

If you'd like to engage in dialogue with the chatroom members on this or any of the other quizzes, please send ken an email at longke <at> Be sure to reference which quiz :)
Ken's Quiz
The systems Ken is using to discuss the material in these weekly quizzes are from his new Adaptive Swing Trading Systems Workshop coming May 5-7. Here's what past students wrote to Ken about these systems.

"I can’t say enough good things about Ken’s new adaptive swing trading systems. Ken provided the systems, strategies, and tips to help me take my trading to a professional level. I don’t want to sound cheesy but the swing systems’ trades were able to pay for the course within about two weeks. I highly recommend this workshop to anyone who is serious about swing trading." —Terry H., Buckingham County VA
"There have been so many golden nuggets from the adaptive swing course. And it's not just learning the rules — it's also managing the exits, the “off field” preparation, trade framing, developing my skills, and more. And every single one of those lessons transfers directly to the markets outside the US that I trade.

I couldn't say exactly how many R multiples all those lessons learned have saved me on the downside. I couldn’t say either exactly how many more R I will make on the up side. I can say that I have doubled my trading returns already as a result of doing this course. The course was a key part of my trading success that I didn't know was missing."— Dave C, Cairns Australia

"The adaptive swing trading course has been a great experience. Ken's lessons are really instructive and he actually shows how he trades and manages positions. That is phenomenally helpful. It is great to see a master trader at work and Ken shows every detail of that in this workshop which is well-organized. The coursework is very thorough, the homework is a nice progression through the material, and everyone partnered up with a team so that we can learn jointly."— Margaret O, Red Bank, NJ

"I attended Ken's live swing workshop in person in 2014 and at the time of this writing (April, 2016), I have nearly completed his adaptive swing course. I highly recommend both of Ken’s swing workshops. He has provided a wealth of highly useful information, insights and support – far more than I have experienced at other trading events. He uses a combination of statistical analysis, proven trading systems, strategies, techniques and tips accumulated over decades of work and input from a diverse group of traders. He also guides people through the emotional and cognitive elements of self-discovery and self-mastery. Invaluable, literally. For anyone embarking on a similar journey, Ken is a unique and highly valuable resource, a dedicated teacher, a wonderful mentor and one of the most generous human beings I know. What's more, I now have a series of accurate measures to help me refine my trading to the point where I can demonstrate true mastery and above average results. I cannot ask for more." — . Jeremy K, Brisbane Australia
In this new three-day workshop, Dr. Ken Long presents a series of advanced, adaptive trading systems that work well in the swing period holding timeframe – from two days to two weeks.

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