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Peak Performance 101
3-Day Trading Workshop
Presented by Dr. Van K. Tharp
with co-presenter RJ Hixson

Spend 3 Thought-Provoking Days Sharing the
Secrets of the Man Who Has Helped Produce More Great Traders and Investors than Anyone Else
You are Ever Likely to Meet

You’ll leave this workshop knowing, for the first time in your life, why some people consistently make profits over and over again while others are erratic and unsuccessful.

More importantly, you’ll be able to overcome self-sabotage and develop rock-solid discipline in your market performance. You’ll learn why this course was featured in Forbes magazine and why it was quoted as saying, "Tharp’s disciples swear by the results."

Van Tharp
Benefit from Van Tharp's Years of Experience

Dr. Tharp is the most consistent, astute and systematic researcher of human behavior you’ll probably ever meet. He has personally interviewed thousands of top traders to determine what makes them excel in their profession and collected psychological profiles from over 5,000 traders and investors.

He is a pioneer in the trading coach field. There are other trading coaches today, but when Dr. Tharp conceptualized the process 30 years ago, he was one of the first people to ever do so. Attending this course means that you are learning from the best.

He carefully crafted all of the information from his studies into a model that people like you can adopt to improve your own skills. In fact, when Jack Schwager interviewed 16 of the world’s best traders in his original Market Wizards book, he elected to interview Dr. Tharp as a Peak Performance Trading Coach.

Join the thousands of fortunate traders and investors who have already learned the secrets of Dr. Tharp’s carefully researched model for successful trading through this workshop. You will learn for yourself the incredible difference that adopting this model can make for yourself—both in terms of trading profits and in improving your life. That’s the amazing thing about Dr. Tharp’s model—not only will it teach you how to enhance your profits, it will likely help you to become more successful in all aspects of your life, as well.

Dr. Tharp was an innovator when he began his studies of traders and the trading process, and he is still an innovator today, constantly improving upon what he teaches and how he teaches.

"If you have a fairly successful system for trading or investing, then I can show you how to obtain more consistent performance from that system with less risk. In short, I'll show you what peak performance trading is all about!" —Van K. Tharp, Ph.D.


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What Can You Expect to Learn?

Seven money-making benefits are waiting for you. They’ll help you keep your losses smaller, make more consistent profits and be more relaxed about your trading.

1.The three ingredients of success.

You must know this information, at least unconsciously, if you are to prosper. These three mental ingredients are a must in any task you do in order to perform like a "Market Wizard." Most people don’t even know about them, which is why success is so difficult to duplicate. But after the Peak Performance Trading Course, you’ll thoroughly understand how these three key ingredients can control your life. Most of all, you’ll know how you can control them.

"The day after leaving the Peak Performance Course, I made $2,400 in trading profits. What impressed me was the level of calm I was able to achieve using the techniques learned at the course. No serious trader should consider trading for a living without the benefit of your seminar. I have a whole new outlook on my future, both trading and personal."—H.W., NY

"I just wanted you to know how much I took your "million dollar" ideas from the Peak Performance 101 seminar to heart. Today marked one month since the seminar, and I have realized a 37.5% return on my entire portfolio (true return, not annualized), most of that in the past two days. I am fired up. Now I have to deal with those capital gains taxes. Oh well."
—P.S., FL

2. The components of a low-risk idea.

The trick to compounding your personal wealth is to trade low-risk ideas. Low-risk ideas are found everywhere—not just in conservative investments. In fact, a great deal of wealth is made from following low-risk ideas in highly speculative arenas like options and futures. But you must understand what makes up a low-risk idea. It’s not what you think.

3. Why position sizing™ strategies are so critical to your bottom line results!

Few people understand this critical concept, yet it means the difference between consistent top performance and mediocre performance for most people. We’ll teach you how to do position-sizing-based trading so that, if you want, you will have the same risk and exposure in the market day after day. Think how calm you could be, knowing that your risk is always the same.

"The discussions about money management were unexpected and worth the price of admission by itself." —M.S., CA

4. 15 ways to develop rock-solid discipline in your trading.

Discipline really means controlling your mental state. Unfortunately, most people allow their mental state to control them. In contrast, real winners maintain discipline that allows them to charge ahead of others in the field. If you play in a zero-sum trading game like futures, you need to know every trick. These are the real secrets that separate successful traders and investors from the average person.

"Fabulous course. It will have a major, positive impact on my trading success and will also require that I change some of the ways I do things. I would recommend this course to anyone who wants to improve their understanding of how their psychology affects their success."—F.L., Sharpsburg, GA

5. Dr. Tharp’s Top Tasks of Trading for successful trading and investing.

Here is a partial list of the ten tasks we'll help you master: developing low-risk ideas, stalking, mental rehearsal, self-analysis, action, aborting, and, best of all, taking profits. At Peak Performance 101, Dr. Tharp will help you install his model so you can trade like other successful traders. You’ll have tools at your disposal that the average investor or trader never even thought about.

6. How to act quickly with sureness and confidence.

One trait all the best traders and investors have in common is extreme confidence in what they’re doing. Confidence is the one quality you must develop to attain your peak level of performance. At the Peak Performance 101 Workshop, you’ll learn how to develop the kind of confidence only the best traders and investors have.

7. How to develop a plan for trading that will set you way above the crowd.

There are certain disciplines—certain techniques used within a specific structure—that give the professional trader and investor the edge over amateur investors. Dr. Tharp understands these disciplines. He is an expert at coaching others to use them.

"After spending three days with Van, I came away with one belief that saved my career: only low-risk trades will keep you in the game!" —H.W., NY

"An absolute must for anyone wanting to become a consistently successful trader."—Alex Rudolph


"For me, this was a revisit of the course. As a trader, you can never go wrong by repeating this course. Every trader should do it. The fact that they don't gives me an edge in the market!"—Kevin Thomas

"I liked identifying my beliefs and finding out the conflicts between beliefs and reality."—L. Farrier

Workshop Objectives

Students will learn and begin to understand each of these objectives after attending Peak Performance 101:

  • How great traders approach their craft and learn a daily procedure that resembles what they do.

  • How you create your own experience in the market and how you are responsible for the results that you get.

  • Become more aware of some of your own psychological issues that affect your performance as a trader/investor.

  • Learn about expectancy, position sizing strategies and the power of big R-multiples through a simulation game. This game is also designed to help you observe your emotions in a setting in which only a small amount is at stake compared with what you will face in the market.

  • Learn some of the variables that affect your emotions and how you can gain control over them.

  • Learn to overcome self-sabotage through exercises done in the class.

  • Students will get guidance on how to develop an ongoing program to work on themselves using the Super Trader Program as a model.

  • Students will leave with a plan to make the maximum use of the workshop.

  • Participants in this course will get to meet and network with some really great people who a lot in common with each other.

Is This the Workshop for You?
Peak Performance 101 not only helps you install Dr. Tharp’s model, it also helps you overcome self-sabotage. You’ll be able to free yourself from internal conflicts that keep you from performing at a peak level. For example, do any of the following sound like you?
  1. Are you always looking for a new trading system? Or, are you always trying to improve the one you have?
  2. Do you find your trade setups never quite fit all of your criteria so you have trouble entering trades?
  3. Do you get anxious about the market or get anxious about risking your money so that you have trouble pulling the trigger?
  4. Do you get excited and ignore your rules or do you get distracted and fail to follow your system's rules?
  5. Does a losing trade take your energy away from the next trade or conversely, does a winning trade make you confident about the next trade?
  6. Is your trading (or your life?) ruled by fear, anger, greed, or shame?
  7. Are you constantly losing money?
  8. Do you lack a strong plan to guide your trading or do you fail to follow the plan you created?
  9. Do you have a performance ceiling where you fall apart or stop doing well consistently? Does your account reach a certain size and then it plateaus or you start losing money at that point?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, then you are experiencing some form of self-sabotage. But don’t worry, these are some very common patterns for traders and you can overcome them in order to reach your potential. This workshop would help you identify and resolve the underlying conflicts causing these patterns – as well as leave you with the tools to address conflicts that come up in the future for you. 

If you’re really committed to trading success and willing to do whatever it takes, you’ll find that you've become a different person after this ground-breaking workshop and you’ll generate different results in your trading.


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The Classroom Experience

Day 1: The Three Key Ingredients of Success
You’ll learn techniques for developing rock-solid discipline and overcoming fear. You'll learn how to "pull the trigger" and center yourself so that your mind is focused and sharp.

Day 2: How the Best Traders Trade
Dr. Tharp’s proven model for Peak Performance Trading. Learn about position-sizing-based trading systems and low-risk ideas.
Day 3: Overcoming Self-Sabotage
You will go through exercises that will make a real difference in your trading and your personal life.




This is networking in a non-competitive, safe, supportive atmosphere that produces the special qualities necessary to transform your trading. People who attend the Peak Performance 101 Workshop develop life-long friendships.

"It felt good to meet fellow traders.... to be around people whom I could admire. Independent thinkers are at a premium. To have so many in one room was a very pleasant experience."—E.M., MI

Improving the Quality of Your Life


When Dr. Tharp selects traders to model, he looks for those who have high-quality lifestyles. When you attend the Peak Performance 101 Workshop and implement Dr. Tharp’s model, you will not only improve your trading dramatically, you will also improve the quality of your life.

"Being with everyone showed me that I was like everyone else in the room, with a lot of stored emotions wanting to get attention. After the seminar, I had a clear purpose and direction, as if I had seen and understood what the assembled puzzle should look like."—G. G., France

"[It] ... really elevated my trading onto a higher plane. I was already a very good trader, but now I’m even better, which is very exciting. My whole life is better because I’m a better husband and a better father as a result of the experience."—K.T., England


"As a result of the course, I expect positive improvement in my business as a hedge fund manager and as a father, husband and human."—K.S., Redmond, WA

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Our Risk-Reversal Guarantee
Dr. Tharp guarantees that you will be delighted with this workshop. In fact, we'll take all of the risk ourselves.

If you aren't totally satisfied by 12 PM on the second day of the course, just return your notebook to a Van Tharp Institute staff member and we'll give you a full refund.

Why are we willing to assume your risk? The key to our guarantee is: If you are ready to work on yourself, there is no risk to us. We know you'll be delighted.

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Can You Really Make Lots of Money with These Principles?

You’ll learn what all the best traders and investors have in common. You’ll learn their real secrets, and when you apply them to your own trading, you'll see the difference. Just think what performing at a peak level can mean to your bottom line!

Plus, the effect of eliminating self-sabotaging behaviors could be worth hundreds of thousands of dollars to you over your lifetime; for some of you, it could be worth millions. Think about the biggest mistake you made last year. How much did it cost you? What if you could save that amount every year? How much would it be worth? Then add the compounding effect of more consistent performance, and you begin to understand the real value of this course.

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Q:    How is the workshop different from the home study course?

A:    Most people have trouble doing self-awareness exercises on their own. This workshop is designed to help you through those exercises. We consider it a mid-point between private consulting and the home study course. In fact, many traders take this workshop over and over again, because it's impossible to learn too much about yourself!

"Great course! Many thanks!  I'd expected the workshop to be a walk-thru of the home study course. Very pleasantly surprised to find it quite different."
—Ian Thomson
Q:    Do I need to take the home study before I attend the workshop?
A:    We're 50-50 on this one. You certainly will get more out of the workshop if you do the home study course first. However, many people do the workshop first and find that it greatly helps them with the home study course.
Q:    I am already a profitable trader. Why should I consider attending this workshop?
A:    A coach finds talented players, teaches them the fundamentals of the craft and then makes sure that they follow the fundamentals. As a profitable trader, you know that any extra edge you can get will make you that much more profitable. One of the most successful traders in the world pays over a million dollars each year for personal coaching. He does that because he wants every possible edge. If you are a profitable trader, you probably should be thinking along the same lines.
Q:    I am new to trading. As a beginner, wouldn’t I be better off trying to learn more about trading techniques first?
A:    Quite the contrary. As a beginner, you need the information this workshop provides first. Most people make the mistake of looking for trading techniques right away without first working on themselves. When you do that, you end up making thousands of mistakes. We typically find that people who tend to take courses that focus on techniques need to repeat those courses after they’ve taken the peak performance course. Why? Because, after this course, they are more open and know more about what they really need to be successful. If this is the first trading course you ever take, it will be the best thing you can do for yourself.
Q:    The markets are uncertain. Why should I spend this much on a workshop when I could use the money as capital?
A:    Capital used when you are not functioning at your peak is often capital wasted. The best investment you can make is in yourself, and attendance at this course is an investment in you. We had comments from any number of people saying if only I had done this before I did that investment or before I started investing at all. Do yourself a favor. Come to this workshop.
Q:    I want to become the best trader I can be. Does this workshop show me how to trade?
A:    This workshop is unlike most courses available for traders and investors. Instead of teaching trading techniques, it teaches you techniques on how to develop yourself as a trader. The concept is similar to the old saying, "give a man a fish and he eats for a day; show a man how to fish and he eats for a lifetime."

There are possibly more trading techniques available than can be counted. A technique that may earn one trader a fortune could cause another to go bankrupt. The difference in the results lies within individual traders—how they process information, what inner conflicts they might have, whether or not they have the discipline required to follow their trading plan. Showing traders and investors how to develop skills and awareness on the issues that affect them from within is at the core of this highly effective workshop.
Q:    What are your objectives for teaching the workshop?

A:    Our mission at the Van Tharp Institute is to help people transform themselves, and the Peak Performance 101 Workshop is the key workshop we use to teach people how to do it. If you learn how you control your own trading results, you've accomplished something that will help you immensely, but if you make a major change that affects, not only your trading, but the rest of your life—you’ve accomplished something even more important. We’d like to help everyone in attendance make such a major transformation.


Watch this short video from Van Tharp on what he teaches in this workshop.

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Reviews & Testimonials
Here’s what others have shared:
"You said at the beginning of the seminar that some people would be profoundly affected by the material in both their trading and their lives. I was one of those people."—W.B., MA

" My personal performance improved in every area of my life [following the Peak Performance 101 course]. My relationships improved, my organizational skills improved, my rock climbing improved (dramatically), my golf game—well, actually, my golf game didn't improve, but I noticed that I'm having a lot more fun playing golf than I'd ever had before. My self-confidence is soaring off the meter! My trading performance has improved. I learned to create a sense of serenity (as a mental state) around my self, whether I'm winning or losing. I'm much more calm watching the markets whipsaw. This mental-state control has improved my overall technical edge. I can focus better on the programming tasks."—B.C., Salt Lake City, UT

"Self-sabotage has always been my major personal issue. Having the skills to cope will make all the difference . . . A global experience. Throughout the seminar, I appreciated the emphasis on the ‘whole’ person, not just the ‘trader’ personality." —J.M., Oak Park, KS

"The weekend was life-altering. The changes I have begun to make have already reaped benefits. I truly feel that I will date my life before and after the weekend—not because my life before was anything to complain about, but because I now realize how great my life can be. Thank you!"—G.J. RI

"The course was one of the major events of my life. Among other things, it ended a 23-year emotional nightmare relationship I'd had with the market... Prior to the seminar, my reaction time upon receipt of a buy signal was half-an-hour to never. I would think of all possible things that could go wrong and find reasons not to follow my system. The Tuesday following the course, my reaction time to a buy signal was seven seconds."—D.N., NY

"Fulfilled my expectations by helping me identify issues that blocked my growth and provided appropriate and efficient tools to deal with these issues."—M.P., LA

"In essence, I made over 80% return on 6% of my capital in less than one month—and that’s just on closed trades… My trading system hasn’t changed one iota; I have changed."—R.G., CA

"After attending your course, I suspended trading until June 24th to regroup. I have just completed my first four weeks of trading with starting capital of $66,782. I have $7,711 in closed-out profits with open trade equity of $5,448 as of yesterday’s close... Now I am trading very relaxed and feeling very peaceful about my business, with a sense of calm and control." —S.G., CO

"For a new not-yet-trader, carefully studying Dr. Tharp’s work, I could not even begin to think of what life would be like working without taking the first step here."—S.L., DC

"Excellent! This should be the first course for all new people. I enjoyed this one the most."—T.C., WA

"I found out that Van Tharp is for real... I really liked the Peak Performance course. Very useful."—J.W., NV

"I found this course to be very helpful  in resolving conflicts." —S. Sams, CA

"The 101 workshop puts the teachings of the home study course in context in a dynamic group experience. This provided me with great insight... the course is life changing. Thank you."—S. Yusuf, MI

"What a fantastic course! I feel like I've taken my first steps toward a self-discovery that will make me a better trader and a better person." —M. Holland, MA

"Anyone serious about taking their life to a new, higher level should be taking this course."
—R. Freeman, FL

"Most useful course that I have been on."
—Phillp Drew, Australia

"Van is without a doubt a master at understanding and explaining the trading process with all its complex parts. The experiential component was jarring, enlightening and positive. I recommend the course for professional and novice traders." —Michael Berman, Sydney, AU

"Outstanding outcome in terms of internalizing Van’s process; took my whole perception of trading to a completely different level and solved major personal conflicts."—Bob Greenup, Australia

"This course occurred at a perfect time for me. That is, I gained the most from this course when compared to any other course taken. The mix of people enhanced the experience. I enjoyed the energy of the room. Thanks for coming back to Sydney, Van!"
—Jamie Davies, Australia

"Van took us through a visualization exercise to identify and locate deep-seated negative feelings. As we came out of the exercise, he asked who would be committed to releasing those feelings, even if it meant doing it in front of the whole class. I am not usually one to volunteer for such things, but my hand was the first to go into the air. The subsequent feelings release exercise that he talked me through was one of the most intense yet amazing experiences.

"I know that my participation in that event will result in mental, emotional and physical improvements in my life. Immediately following the exercise, many people approached me to comment on how brave they thought I was. At the time, I didn’t feel brave because I knew the time and circumstances were right to deal with the issue. 

"The parts negotiation exercises yielded better results than I have been able to manage at home after completing the home study course twice. I feel that the next time I work through the books, I will get even more out of the exercises."—Natalie Murray, Australia 

"Worthwhile. Definitely got a better understanding of myself and what I need to do to become a better trader."—G. P., South Africa

"In 20 years of trading, I have never spent any attention on the psychological aspects of trading and myself. Being a very rational person, I was skeptical concerning whether this would have any effect on me. What a positive surprise! I discovered things I didn’t even know had existed and have taken a big step forward. Thank you."—Frank Bormann, Hong Kong

"I cannot in my wildest dreams imagine how anyone could even contemplate successful trading without the foundation of PP 101. The secrets of trading are not always where we expect to find them.  PP101 was the key that allowed me to open my door to a world of unlimited trading potential."—Steven Redgrave, Australia

"The best workshop I have attended, trading or otherwise. Would encourage anyone who wants to really get in touch with who they are and why they act the way they do to attend this course." —Jonathan Gould, Australia

The synergy of this course experience can be a powerful impetus to individual growth, transforming trading obstacles into trading profits. Enjoy the opportunity to grow in association with other professional traders. Learn the techniques that can help you perceive the market in more creative ways, stalk it, and then take action, making more profits more consistently.

"Words can not describe how I feel about the Peak Performance seminar, but I will try my best. I came to your course with very high expectations. Your program came highly recommended by a friend. However, I never thought that I would come away with such powerful tools to use both in trading and, more importantly, in life. Nothing could have been better than making my largest winning trade the very next day [after the workshop]. I was able to let my winning trade run instead of cutting it short the way I usually do, and ended up turning a $500 winner into a $2,100 winner. If I keep this up, who knows what’s possible?” —M.S. 


“I was most surprised by the amount of growth I have experienced since the last course (a lot), yet realized there is much more to go.”—Duncan Stacey, Maleny, Australia


“This course was mind blowing.  It is amazing to see all the changes taking place in everyone.”—Dave Walton,  Folsom, CA


“There is no other trading course I know of that has this focus.”—Cathie Stewart, Toronto, Canada

Attendees were asked to list the top five benefits of attending this workshop. Here are some examples:
  • Being part of a group that has similar objectives in life.
  • Learning exercises to control emotions.
  • Identifying issues that hurt trading.
  • Learning the ten tasks of trading and their mental states and strategies.
  • Discovering beliefs attendees never knew they had.
  • Experiential learning through the exercises and game.

We can not stress how important this workshop can be for successful trading. The workshop could easily pay for itself in preventing one loss you may have otherwise taken or from the profits of one new idea. More importantly, what you learn from this workshop will benefit you for a lifetime. If you're not sure if it's for you, feel free to call or email us and we'll be happy to help you decide. We're at 919-466-0043 and

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