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January Workshops
Hello Everyone,

For the first time ever, I am offering a webinar exclusively to our clients, so each of you have the opportunity to learn about the emerging cryptocurrencies market.

Cryptocurrencies are the wild west of investing right now. Some coins have produced skyrocketing returns for investors, while many coins have gone bust, and a number of them are outright scams. Not only is the slope steep for the winning coins, but so is the learning curve for using the technology necessary to acquire them. Where can you turn for an overview on this developing market? I’ve been researching everything I can about Bitcoin, cryptocurrencies in general, the virtual currency exchanges, wallets and accounts. And I believe that this is the best investment opportunity I have seen in my lifetime — it’s an exciting time to learn about it!

Join me on Friday, January 12th at 5:00pm (eastern time) for first webinar that I have done in years:

Van Tharp on Cryptocurrencies—get in on the cutting edge of a new market.

There is no charge to join this valuable webinar. Traders and investors need to familiarize themselves with the intricacies of cryptocurrencies before they begin, or they are at serious risk of making mistakes that will cause them to lose everything.

I’ve had the opportunity to invest in several cryptocurrencies already, and have learned a lot from both transactions on the winning side, as well as some mistakes I’ve made along the way.

Because I’ve been researching many of the topics related to cryptocurrencies, it will save you a great deal of time by joining my webinar on Friday 12th, 5pm.

Though this new market is evolving very fast, I believe this technology and this market are here to stay…in some way, shape, or form. In fact, the technology behind crypto-currencies offers investors one of the biggest opportunities in decades. Those who are in early and are smart will make fortunes.

This market is not for everyone. If you think you are a fit for it, I want to arm you with information, so you can make better decisions about whether you truly are a good fit to be in this market or not.

I am only opening this webinar to our newsletter subscribers – not the general public. This material requires the adoption of a certain level of market psychology. Even if, thus far, you have only read my weekly newsletter Tharp’s Thoughts, the concepts we share there are enough to engage in the call. For example, as a newsletter reader you likely have a basic understanding of concepts like: "You don’t trade the markets, you trade your beliefs about the markets." Or, how YOU are the most important factor in your trading and that it is important for you to take personal responsibility for all of the things that happen in life. These concepts, and the other Tharp Think principles that I have shared over the years, lead you to be empowered in the markets. This collection of articles, distributed weekly, arms you with more knowledge than the general public has about their own beliefs. Understanding and adopting these types of beliefs are crucial before you consider stepping into the virtual currency markets.

Most people will lose their shirts in this area because as many as 70-80% of the coins and tokens could be scams. One of the top performers in 2017 has risen from $0.12 to over $400 but it is an obvious scam and we’ll discuss that one in particular. You have to be able to avoid the scams.

In this webinar, I will cover how cryptocurrencies line up with my teachings about infinite wealth. I’ve heard that many people are say that cryptocurrencies are not even real, they’re just something other people made up. To that end, no money is real. It’s all something someone made up! Almost all currencies in the world today are fiat currencies. That means nothing backs them up, not gold or any other physical commodity. A piece of paper we call a dollar bill is worth something only because the government says it’s legal tender and we all agree. Ideas like this are part of understanding infinite wealth. It’s all about playing a game. The games are all made up and if you get that, then you can make your own game with your own rules and win! This is the basic psychology of inner wealth.

Webinar Topics

1) What a tremendous opportunity investing in the crypto market is right now. If $100 was invested in a portfolio of 10 cryptos that existed on January 1st from the top 20 in market cap, the account would be worth $50,400 today. That’s an average return of 50 times your money in one year. And of those 10, Bitcoin, including all its forks, was the worst performing of them.

2) There will probably be another 10 coins that will have similar performance in 2018, but don’t expect bitcoin to be among them.

3) Bitcoin is not one of the best investments now.
  1. Bitcoin has had several years in which it increased by 100-fold in during the year.
  2. It’s had three crashes of 75% or more.
  3. It could go to $40,000 in 2018, but it also could go to $2,000. That’s almost a 1 to 1 reward to risk ratio — with about a $20K risk amount.
  4. There are other coins out there that could go up at least 10-fold in 2018.

4) 75-80% of all cryptos will be worthless and may even be scams.

5) Danger: Most people “investing” in cryptocurrencies will lose all of their money.

6) Most will lose everything because of the impact of mistakes and psychology.

7) There are some serious tax implications to understand — which most people are ignoring right now — probably to their long-term detriment.

8) Requirements to be able to keep yourself safe (even if you are NOT in the ST program).

9) What is the potential outcome of investing in cryptocurrencies in smart way?
  1. Financial Freedom
  2. Someone could pay for the Super Trader program with much smaller investment

10) Questions and Answers: Submit your questions when you register and we will answer as many as we have time for during the event.

The webinar is scheduled to last for one hour. Registered attendees will be able to submit questions ahead of the event. Additional questions can be posed during the webinar. Register now and get your name on the list! As mentioned, there is no fee to attend the webinar but registration is required. Plus, when you register early, this will allow you plenty of time for you to formulate questions beforehand and allow me and RJ to better answer during the call.

This is your chance to participate in something exciting with like-minded traders, including many of our Super Traders! I hope you will be able to join us for this opportunity!

Can't make it for that day/time?
No problem! We will have it recorded. Please go ahead and register now anyway. Then you will get a few reminder emails which you can ignore since you know you can’t be on the call. However, your final email will be after the webinar and will have the link to the recording.
Friday, January 12, 2018, 5:00pm
If you clicked on our link for registration previously and it did not work, the issue has been fixed and you can now register (or re-register) at the link below.

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