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#890 May 16, 2018
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Benefit from Van Tharp's Years of Experience
In Peak Performance 101 and 204 This July

Dr. Tharp is the most consistent, astute and systematic researcher of human behavior you’ll probably ever meet. He has personally interviewed thousands of top traders to determine what makes them excel in their profession and collected psychological profiles from over 5,000 traders and investors.

He is a pioneer in the trading coach field. There are other trading coaches today, but when Dr. Tharp conceptualized the process 30 years ago, he was one of the first people to ever do so. Attending this course means that you are learning from the best.

He carefully crafted all of the information from his studies into a model that people like you can adopt to improve your own skills. In fact, when Jack Schwager interviewed 16 of the world’s best traders in his original Market Wizards book, he elected to interview Dr. Tharp as a Peak Performance Trading Coach.

Join the thousands of fortunate traders and investors who have already learned the secrets of Dr. Tharp’s carefully researched model for successful trading through this workshops. You will learn for yourself the incredible difference that adopting this model can make for yourself—both in terms of trading profits and in improving your life. That’s the amazing thing about Dr. Tharp’s model—not only will it teach you how to enhance your profits, it will likely help you to become more successful in all aspects of your life, as well.

Dr. Tharp was an innovator when he began his studies of traders and the trading process, and he is still an innovator today, constantly improving upon what he teaches and how he teaches.

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Feature Article

May Update On Cryptocurrencies
by Van K. Tharp, Ph.D.
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Note: The purpose of this report is to give you a status update on the cryptocurrency markets. It’s not meant to give recommendations or meant to be predictive in any way.

The crypto market skyrocketed in the final months of 2017. On December 1st, BTC (bitcoin) was at about $14,000 and climbed to nearly $20,000 by December 17th. Around January 1st, BTC had fallen back to about $14,000 and the market capitalization of all cryptoassets was about $600 billion (USD). Since then, the crypto market has crashed from the all-time highs. So fast forward to mid-May and here’s where the four main cryptos stand for the last few months. There was a slight rally in May and then another fall back.
May Crypto Update Chart 1
I have added a second table to these updates which includes the market cap for cryptoassets, Bitcoin’s percentage of the total crypto market cap, the market cap percentage for the top five cryptocurrencies, and the number of cryptoassets listed.
May Crypto Update Chart 2
The data in both of these tables comes from www.coinmarketcap.com.

Yahoo Finance now lists prices for 100 cryptoassets so I can run some of my normal studies on their data. I’m only looking at those cryptos for where there is at least 100 days of data – which does not include every crypto in the top 100 list by market cap.

These cryptos had the top Market SQN scores (100 days) on May 15, 2018. At the moment, there is only one crypto with a score over 1.0 and that’s BCN. There are only four with a score above 0.7. Of the 95 cryptos in this spreadsheet, 44 have positive numbers while 51 are negative.

From last month’s top list on April 15th, only 7 remain in the top 20 this month.
May Crypto Update Chart 3
We are also developing a crypto screener somewhat like our world model for ETFs. Here I have a different listing for the top 15 and the bottom 15 than the other screener generated above. In the next few months, we expect to integrate these screens but for now, I’ll just report both sets of data. The list above comes as a result of using coinmarketcap.com data and the one below from Yahoo data.

Here are the top and bottom 15 cryptos in our other screener.
May Crypto Update Chart 4
You’ll notice that ATM, TRON, ATB, and XVG were not on the list from our first screener.

We have also classified the coins and tokens by type though this is a very preliminary version that we hope to improve with time.

Here is the first set of classifications. ETH also fits into the USD Exchangeable while LTC (right now at least) does not fit there — at least at Coinbase where most US Citizens exchange dollars for cryptos.
May Crypto Update Chart 5
Here is our second grouping of cryptos by category. Again, this doesn’t mean too much yet but we expect to improve our tables. Further, when the crypto market cap reaches about $10 trillion, then we expect this type of chart to be much more meaningful.
May Crypto Update Chart 6
Until the 15 of June Crypto Update, this is Van Tharp.
Watch the 2-minute video below to hear a bit more about how you will benefit from taking one of Van's courses.
What We Teach

Trading Tip

A Key To Successful Trading Is Knowing Yourself
Excerpted from "Eight Edges You Must Have"
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A key to successful trading is knowing yourself. Only by knowing yourself can you develop objectives and trading systems that fit you. In other words:

1. You need to find a trading system that fits you.

2. In order to accomplish that, you must know:
  • Your values
  • Your strengths
  • Your weaknesses
  • Your parts (as described in Edge 3, Step 1)
  • Significant beliefs (spiritual, self, market, system)
  • Trading edges
  • Trading weaknesses

3. You can trade only your beliefs about the markets, not the markets themselves. Thus, you should know and understand your beliefs and whether they are useful.

4. System development is 100 percent (1) beliefs, (2) mental states, and (3) mental strategies. Thus, it is 100 percent psychology.

5. You must know your personal criteria for being able to trade a system with confidence.

May 2018 - US
2 More Opportunities in 2018 to transform
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JULY 13-15, CARY, NC
The Classroom Experience

Day 1: The Three Key Ingredients of Success

You’ll learn techniques for developing rock-solid discipline and overcoming fear. You'll learn how to "pull the trigger" and center yourself so that your mind is focused and sharp.

Day 2: How the Best Traders Trade

Dr. Tharp’s proven model for Peak Performance Trading. Learn about position-sizing-based trading systems and low-risk ideas.
Day 3: Overcoming Self-Sabotage

You will go through exercises that will make a real difference in your trading and your personal life.


This is networking in a non-competitive, safe, supportive atmosphere that produces the special qualities necessary to transform your trading. People who attend the Peak Performance 101 Workshop develop life-long friendships.

"It felt good to meet fellow traders.... to be around people whom I could admire. Independent thinkers are at a premium. To have so many in one room was a very pleasant experience."—E.M., MI

Improving the Quality of Your Life

When Dr. Tharp selects traders to model, he looks for those who have high-quality lifestyles. When you attend the Peak Performance 101 Workshop and implement Dr. Tharp’s model, you will not only improve your trading dramatically, you will also improve the quality of your life.

"Being with everyone showed me that I was like everyone else in the room, with a lot of stored emotions wanting to get attention. After the seminar, I had a clear purpose and direction, as if I had seen and understood what the assembled puzzle should look like."—G. G., France

"[It] ... really elevated my trading onto a higher plane. I was already a very good trader, but now I’m even better, which is very exciting. My whole life is better because I’m a better husband and a better father as a result of the experience."—K.T., England

"As a result of the course, I expect positive improvement in my business as a hedge fund manager and as a father, husband and human."—K.S., Redmond, WA

This workshop is the primary portal to apply for the Super Trader program. Rates for the Super Trader Program increase the first of August. Attend the May or July event in the US if you wish to apply for the program in time to get the current price before the increase.

June 2018 - US
The Basic and Advanced Options workshops have now been opened to the public (this workshop is traditionally a Super Trader Only workshop). However, to attend there are certain qualifications you must meet. Please call us at 919-466-0043 so we may speak with you regarding your level of experience trading.
July 2018 - US
Learn the Mental Secrets for Getting What You Really Want!

The material covered in this course will be information you can use to improve your life and your effectiveness.

The material will also be cutting-edge. It's not the sort of thing you can learn anywhere else. This workshop will probably be the only place that you could possibly pick up all of this unique information together.

Most importantly, the material will be presented in a practical way with plenty of exercises so you can incorporate the strategies you learn right into your daily life. When you leave the workshop, the most important strategies will become part of you.

Remember, this is a very exclusive workshop. It requires that you’ve attended Peak 101. We will be doing a lot of work with sub-modalities so you should at least have a little experience working with submodalities.

In addition, you can expect highly motivated, like-minded, success-oriented traders like you to join you in this incredible experiential workshop.
August 2018 - US
The Forex Trading Systems Workshop teaches three robust Forex Systems. All three systems are based on the concept of trend-following. Each system is based on similar “ingredients,” but each has a different recipe to capture a different part of the trend. Consequently, the systems are complementary to each other and together offer several trading setups nearly every day of the year. Two locations to choose from, Cary NC in August and London, England in October.

Trading in a Sideways Market
No matter what time frame you trade or what method you use to measure them, Sideways markets happen between 59% and 65% of the time! And even though they appear a majority of the time, Sideways markets are rarely discussed, even in professional trading circles. Until now....
September 2018 - US
The How to Develop Winning Systems Workshop teaches you what you need to know to develop your own system. The material you will learn is not market or time-frame specific. So whether you trade stocks, futures, currencies, gold, etc., or whether you place 50 trades per day or 50 trades per year, you will learn all of the components that work in any system. With this knowledge you can both modify existing systems to fit you or the market type better, or master your own system development.
Two locations to choose from, Cary, NC in September and London, England in October!
October 2018 - US
November 2018 - US

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