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Kala Tharp

Thank you all for sharing your stories and experience. I am finding a lot of comfort and peace in all your stories. Nothing will give Van so much joy as listening and reading about all the lives he has touched. You all make him so proud. You are all the reason he did what he did. I told him one day please don’t die, and he said I don’t want to die but then death is all an illusion. He reminded me to always live in the present, do my gratitude meditation and live life. Van lived his life to the fullest everyday. During his last days he could hardly walk but would seat and write his new book, he managed to write 4 chapters. It was his life story. He told me the liver cirrhosis was a blessing. There is not enough space to share my experiences with you here, but you all get the picture. Seeing all your responds I am so confident and humbled that Van Tharp’s legacy will live on through you all and all the amazing teachers Van has produced at VTI, RJ, Ken Long, Gabriel, and the list goes on. I will miss him dearly because living with him has been an adventure, you never know what to expect next, it is always full of surprises. He was the kindest, most generous, amazing man I will ever know. I feel so honored and humbled to have been his wife. He was a shy, simple and down to earth man. I will miss him so much. But he facilitated my growth to be a strong and independent woman. Will forever be grateful to this genius legend I shared 30 years with. He left me with a lot of tools, to help me continue to grow. Once again thank you all for generously sharing your stories.


Thank you so much for sharing this with us! May God give you strength and courage during this difficult time . Thanks

Lisa M

Thank you Kala for sharing this with us. I miss him too! As you can see and feel, he made a positive impact on everyone he met. I had the wonderful pleasure to know you too. You were his strength, his rock. I owe all of who I am today because of him and you. Thank you both so much for sharing yourself with me. 😉

Jack A

Van was a true visionary. Although he was a small part of my life in terms of time, his significance was huge. I will miss him and I am forever grateful for what he shared and taught me. He may have left his body but he lives on in all of us.

Sankar Sharma

Kala Ji, Thank you so much for sharing this with us. May God give you and your family immense strength and courage during this difficult time . 3 decades ago I was given Van’s book as one of the top 5 must read. Feel blessed. Van Tharp’s legacy will live on for generations come. He will be missed dearly.

Edward Eguonor Ejaife

I pray the good Lord continue to comfort and strengthen you and the family in Jesus name Amen.

ken long

a gentle soul, a good husband and father, was kind and giving to others, a great friend in troubled times, and whose belief in me and others brought out their best. a transcendent person. i’ve worked and played with him for 30 years, and I miss my friend. I try to be better person because of his example

Arturo Peralta

Your program changed my entire life , I’m financially free , I have a strong relationship with my inner guidance , I’m focusing on manufacturing R instead of gambling , I can control my mental states much better and I’m happy for no reason 80% of the time which is a lot for who I used to be … I will miss your guidance but know that you will continue to coach me from the other side. Rest In peace my beloved mentor and friend, until the day we meet again !

Vijay Thakur

In the spring of 1963, a shy 16-year-old boy brought home an application from his high school to host an exchange student for his senior year, because he wanted a brother. In August 1963, I became his brother, and for the next almost 60 years. We shared a room for that magical one year. He was always brilliant. Things came easy to him. Even Calculus. But one would never know, because hew was so low key, and caring. We lived our own lives, but the brotherly bond was always there, and I was always in awe of what he had created with the SuperTrader Program. I was able to spend a precious last weekend with him last month, talking for several hours, which I will cherish. Rest in peace, my brother. You will be missed every day, and your place in my heart is forever.

Van Tharp-Vijay Thakur June 1964.jpg
Marcus Spillane

I cannot overstate how much Van changed my life. I was initially saddened when I heard that he had passed from this world but true to his teachings and everything I have learned from him, my feelings quickly shifted to one of gratitude. I am so very grateful that he came into my life and for the impact he had on me. The times I got to spend in Cary at VTI are etched forever as some of the most transformational periods in my life. At first, I went to Cary thinking I would learn to be a better trader. Ha! Van did what he did for so many. He took me on a path to a far deeper level. He showed me how to regain my long-lost spirituality, he showed me how to connect to my Inner Guidance, he pushed me way out of my comfort zone to explore just how capable I am. He made me open up and he put me through some of the most uncomfortable yet hilarious situations (the looks from our server when trying to order lunch being allowed to use just 3 words – bliss, wonderful & joy – makes me laugh even now as I write this). He ultimately led me down a path to show me how to be happy. My deepest condolences to Kala, his family, and the entire VTI family.

Van – I am happier, more successful, more content with life just because of you. I will miss you greatly. See you on the other side.

I am standing upon the seashore.
A ship at my side spreads her white sails to the morning breeze,
and starts for the blue ocean.
She is an object of beauty and strength,
and I stand and watch her until she hangs like a speck of white cloud
just where the sea and sky come down to meet and mingle with each other.
Then someone at my side says: “There! She’s gone!”
Gone where? Gone from my sight—that is all.
She is just as large in mast and hull and spar as she was when she left my side,
and just as able to bear her load of living freight
to the place of her destination.
Her diminished size is in me and not in her.

And just at that moment
when someone at my side says: “There! She’s gone!”
there are other eyes that are watching for her coming;
and other voices ready to take up the glad shout:
“There she comes!”

And that is “dying.”

Lisa M

Marcus that was awesome! Your post made me remember all the “lunch exercises” we had to do. With ordering lunch with 3 random words being the hardest! Thank you for triggering those memories.

Remus M.

Dr. Tharp saved my life! No, not the brain surgeon… Not the renowned cardiologist either… I’m talking about Dr. Van K. Tharp, the trading coach who helped me more than those two could have, combined!

Not only did he help me heal both my Mind and Heart, but he also gave me the tools to treat myself if needed, as well as on an ongoing basis. He healed my Eyesight, too… I was blind, and now I can see; not perfectly, but I can see, and that is priceless!

Thank YOU, Van!

Lisa M

Van, without you, your work, and your ST program I would have never been able to have so many transformations. I am a completely different person and trader after meeting you. You not only introduced me to your books and spiritual teachings but those of other great authors and teachers. You also introduced me to many wonderful people and VTI coaches who would become my closest friends. I woke up this morning with a heavy heart knowing I will not see or talk to you again in physical form but I know every time I watch your videos, read your books, listen to your voice, etc. I will be reminded of what a tremendous impact you had on my life. I am forever grateful! You’re the best! Thank you!

Edwin M.

Thank you Van for your friendship and your impact on so many people. Rest in peace my friend.


Thank you Van for sharing what you learned with me. You Changed my life for the better. I needed you in my life and I hope to see you again in the next one.

Martin B.

Through his workshops and the Super Trader Program, Van introduced me to tools that enabled me to understand and learn from what I was creating, resolving some major issues for me. The learning goes on! And this is part of Van’s great legacy to us all.

Edward (Ted) Clark

How can one sufficiently give thanks to another who has profoundly changed their life for the better? What initially seemed to be a simple pursuit of trading ideas turned into a wondrous journey of enlightenment, inspiration and discovery that I could have never imagined. I will always cherish the time that I had the privilege of spending with Van and Kala at both their homes as well as at the Oneness and trading workshops that Van was so passionate about. He has now found the immeasurable bliss he so deserves for helping and serving so many all these years. God bless Van, God bless you Kala, and God bless everyone at VTI.

Tom O.

Thank you Van for shifting my perspective on spirituality and consciousness. I am forever grateful for your work and your mission.

Matthew Bennett

I will never forget Vans strong embrace as I had a major spiritual breakthrough and had to take a moment in the lobby of Vans office ; that all of my results in life were the effect if how bright I chose to live every moment. I went to Peak 101, 202, in NC in 2009 and it was one of my favorite memories to have Dinner with the lovely Kala, Van and friends in their home. Kala gave me several beanie babies to take home to my new 1 year old daughter who is now 12 and sassy! The lessons learned from Vans work in person at his workshops and through his books have had a tidal wave effect in my life and the lives of all I have touched since 2009 living a purpose, light and Love centered and truly abundant life. His teachings have helped me to take control and think strategically while battling stage 4 lung and brain cancer this past 1.5 years into complete remission. I am healthier and happier now than I was in 2009 thanks in large part to Van and his tireless work. I will see you again brother! Matt Alive

Greg Markert

I’ve had the pleasure to work with Van and the VTI team for the past 5 years. It’s been a terrific experience that has allowed me to grow in ways I never would have expected. I remember about six months after joining the ST program, someone at work asked what was going on with me as he didn’t recognize me (in a good way) from how I used to be. The journey isn’t always easy, but it’s always worth the effort. Van, thanks for bringing me into the VTI family and helping me to become better in so many ways. While your physical self has moved on, your spirit and the energy you’ve put into your work transforming others lives on. Thanks for all of the wonderful memories.

Leo Jouchoux

One day a young man was trying to make sense of life and find a way through trading as he felt defeated in both areas but not ready to quit. The first article and book from Van came in a the right time and one step after the other, it changed his life forever. This young man was me and thanks to Van my spirit has become a lot younger, wiser and happier – for this I will forever be thankful. I believe Van has made our species progress as a whole ; he literally grew consciousness globally and there is no higher accomplishment. He will be remembered and dearly missed.

K Ho

Van, thanks for guiding me along such a wonderful journey. I feel that you are still around.

Thanks for your inspiring words during our last communication,

“I understand serious health issues better now given that I have liver cirrhosis. I has just assumed my vedic astrology was correct when it said I’d live to be over 100, but now who knows perhaps only 2-5 yrs left. However, it’s also made me more creative. I’m designing a whole new structure for VTI so they can function without me (and that involves developing 25-30 foundation courses) and I plan to write the first draft of 4-5 books as well.

So perhaps use this time to be more creative.”

Surely, I do.

The moment I knew you have turned to Light I was taking photo and video of a flaunting peacock in Castelo de S. Jorge, Lisbon, reminding me of some of your dresses I seen before.

Alex M

I will miss Van very much. Being in the Super Trader program, you reveal so much of yourself, to Van, the other instructors, and your fellow students (so that you can learn to reveal it to yourself), that it generates a strong feeling of intimacy. It all works because Van designed the program in a way that generates trust among everyone involved. And that only works because of Van’s great observation – that, in general, people are friendlier, and care more, than we all usually assume.

No one in the program will ever forget coming to a workshop and: playing the marble game (especially against Van), getting over 200 blessings in a week, having a new lesson added (or an existing one revised) while trying to finish, giving hugs to strangers (or going to lunch with only three words), starting a lesson and feeling like you were totally lost… and then finishing the lesson feeling like a boss.

Once, Van helped me out with a one-on-one consultation around an issue that really had me stuck. (Which he offered for free.) Even though he used a technique taught to everyone in the Super Trader program, his ability to apply the technique was masterful and mind-boggling (literally). He helped me produce a lasting change that, in turn, changed my life; and it probably took him less than 20 minutes.

Not a day goes by that I don’t benefit from, consciously and unconsciously, the techniques, attitudes, beliefs, and skills that I learned in the ST program. I would have liked to share my recent head shifts with Van, and believe that he would have been proud – and interested. He achieved his goal that I would be able, and continue, to work on myself.

Farewell to thee! But not farewell
to all my fondest thoughts of thee
Within my heart they still shall dwell;
And they shall cheer and comfort me
–         Anne Brontë

Dani B

In one of my first workshops at the VTI, we finished the day doing the Oneness Blessing as usual. We were more than 30 people sitting quietly doing meditation, but then suddenly, Van started to laugh loudly (his Divine told him to…) . That triggered a spontaneous laughter of about half an hour, by far the longest time I ever laughed.
That was Van, always happy, and seeking to help others to find the happiness within.
Thank you Van for showing me the way.

Libby Adams

It has taken me two weeks to know what I wanted to share, but now I know. When I was teaching Peak 202 with Van over the course of 18 years, he consistently said that Van was going to disappear and that he was going to turn into Light. Well, he did it! Although people may have expected that the miracle was going to be his physical healing and recovery, I believe the Miracle was that he turned into Light. As the Light, he now shines even brighter!

Saulo Quirino

Never had the chance to meet Van in person but his teachings changed my life and will keep changing people’s lives for the better .

Kevin Davey

Your works were a big influence on my early trading, and I’m glad I was able to learn from you. I am a much better trader and person because of you.

You will be missed.

Rest In Peace, Van.


I met Van and Kala in Sydney in March 2014. I was looking for trading direction then, and the Divine led me to his path. Joined SuperTraders then. And I started to find my real Self via the SuperTrader program. Van was a wonderful teacher and a delightful human being. Super irritating at times, but then he would point out that is my projection (Turnarounds, by Byron Katie, anyone? 🙂 ) And from Van, I was introduced to Stuart Mooney. Pivotal. Super pivotal. And the support I received from VTI … o*g, super amazing. So many wonderful memories. And the trading path was cleared. Thank you, Van. Tang (Feb 2022)

Bruce W.

I first met Van and became acquainted with his work in 1999.  He was a unique thinker and a remarkable spirit, and his views and programs have changed my life in so many positive ways that I lost count. He was an inspiration and light for all of us and the positive impact he had on the world will continue for millennia.


Forever appreciate the journey in the ST program and this encounters of life. The disciples sometimes have more transformation when their guru dissolves in form, I am sure this would be the case for me. There is always sadness when there is a death – the end of form. But at the same time, it is beautiful and peaceful as we realize who/what we truly are. Thank you Van for brining joy and spreading love to this world.

Deena Murphy

Van and I met shortly after we both came
back from India in 2010. We started facilitating workshops together locally and then with his amazing group of Supertraders. It was such a blessing for Sully and I to meet Van, Kala, Nanthini, Ari and Tiggy and all their wonderful friends and have them become part of our lives. If you came to a blessing night, Oneness workshop, 64 deeksha, Oneness Meditation, or Laughter Yoga session, you got to see Van drop into his heart and laugh so hard tears would roll down his face. He talked so much of his love for his family, how much he adored, admired and was in awe of Kala and how easily she connected with others in a way that was harder for him being shy. He talked about the light that is Nanthini and was so proud to be her second father. He was so grateful to reconnect with his son. Van had such passion for awakening and brought that passion to cerebral people like him that never knew that spiritual and emotional connection were missing. When they found and explored that connection, he lit up. I am so grateful for the memories to look back upon with Van and his family. Meditation sessions where we laughed until we felt we would never stop, crying and just fully embracing the present and causeless joy. The laughter yoga course in India created a new avenue for Van to explore his mischievous side and shift the consciousness of people around him in new ways. Van was a friend, someone I am so grateful I got to share space with, someone I remember with laughter and tears, and I am blessed to continue to be in the lives of Van’s beloved Nanthini and Kala. Van, may Moksha be yours and may you continue to lift us all up to the light in your memory. 💕

John Billington

I was only recently introduced to Van’s teaching this past Fall and am so grateful to have been able to experience him in the Crisis to Opportunity workshop (which he continued to attend and teach, even just last week before his passing). Through the workshop I have read many of his teachings, books, and started to listen to audio of his workshops, which thankfully have been preserved by VTI. I am grateful to have been exposed to his transformational methods and look forward to learning more from him, even after his passing. His legacy I believe will transcend trading, even though that is what he is known for. His relentless focus on the importance of inner work and the ability for humans to change the beliefs, and live their core values, is what is so impactful to all of us who have experienced him. In his teachings he was committed to helping others change their lives, be their best selves, and ultimately change the world for the better. Van radiated love for others and a generosity and authenticity that his rare in this world. He not only shared his beliefs about success but was well aware of his weaknesses and faults and used them to teach others to become more self aware. I was saddened to hear the news this week of Van’s passing and my heart goes out to his family, friends and staff at VTI. I am also thankful that his teachings and legacy will be preserved and continued. Blessings to all.


Dear Van,

in an industry full of crooks and charlatans you always presented the truth about this game. Your mission for personal transformation through spiritual knowing is unique in our field.

I am grateful to have met you, attended your courses, read your books and been exposed to your wonderful staff and Gabriel. Discovering Ken Long and his body of work has been a blessing of the best secret sauce.

Most days I will have an inner dialogue about beliefs. I had no cognition of them being raised by ego-centric parents. That’s the biggest impact you have had on me. That everything is a belief. That many people mistake facts and truth when it’s their personal belief they espouse.

I have no regrets for the inordinate time I have spent on my beliefs arising from my core values. I have transformed, and will continue this journey.

Your work has helped me raise two beautiful and aware kids in the right kind of light which is in stark contrast to my early days. They know unconditional love, that we the sum of our parts of competing values. This is my biggest achievement in life. . More to come.

Love and peace to those who knew you best.


Thank you Dr. Tharp for what you have done to the life of so many people. I pray for your peaceful passing.

Alex Changho

It was my honor to get to know Van through the Oneness Awakening workshops. I had no idea that someone so centered, spiritual and smart was right here in my town. Blessings to your family and your team.

George Rodriguez

Rest in Peace Van. I’ll always remember you.


Thank you Van for everything. I’m truly grateful for all the blessings you have provided to myself and so many others. You will always be in our memories, hearts, and prayers. God bless you

Russ McAlpine

Van, was an original. A unique, creative and loving soul.
Van caused me to look at my world differently. To challenge my beliefs. To look inside myself to discover who I really am. He introduced me to so many new concepts that truly challenged me to learn, to grow, to have a relationship with something bigger than myself. He gave so much of himself so others could experience the joy, love and freedom that he had achieved. Van is off to his next adventure, and I am sure enjoying it with the same degree of love and passion he brought to his human experience. I am forever grateful for having the honour of knowing Van and for all the gifts he provided to me. Until we meet again my friend.

Yi Yi Sun

Dr Van Tharp will be missed but he will always be alive in our hearts. I’m forever grateful to his teachings in helping me make personal breakthroughs in my life and trading. He was truly a gift to humanity and a rare gem of a conscious being who left the world a better place than he found it. He lived a spiritually rich life and inspired all to do the same while creating wealth. My deepest condolences goes to beautiful Kala and Dr Van Tharp’s family. My heart is overwhelmed with gratitude to have found teacher like Dr Van Tharp.


Thank You for your time with us and your work, passion, love and dedication! You will be with us forever!

Eduardo Beruff

Van was a miracle in my life, just as he was for many others. I am immensely grateful for his purpose, spirituality, and teachings, which together opened my awareness. Thank you.

Aditya Kulkarni

Just three words come to my mind when I try to describe him ” Modern Day Saint”. He didn’t just touch our lives, he blessed them. Had the opportunity to attend his sessions online over last few years. With Love from India.

Jorge Herrera

I am truly grateful for having the chance to learn from Van, you helped me to bring so many good things to my life, direction, purpose, and even open myself to the Divine.Thank you for leading by example. It has been and honor and a blessing have you as a teacher, a guide and as a friend. Will always remember your laugh in the Oneness Workshops, made mine burst too!Van, you really left this world better than you found it since you made huge impact in thousands of life’s, thanks again for transforming my life and the ones close to me.
With Love
Jorge Herrera

Marv Miller

I must have a hundred or more folders and files that start with Van’s initials…VKT and a space before the file/folder name. I’ll never forget him. The first time I looked at the cover of the sleeve on my “Matrix” book, I took the RED pill. Thank You, Van!

Besides trading, I’m engageed in metaphysics and spirituality as a way of life, learning to mix those subjects with trading in the markets. It keeps my child-like curiosity alive and kickin’. Without saying it directly, I believe Van was knowledgeable in two of my favorite growth subjects: The Law of Attraction and YCYOR (You Create Your Own Reality). I’ll leave it to Van’s present and future readers to discover these two subjects in his words…it’s there.

I’m optimistic about Van’s present whereabouts. He may have vanished from the physical plane of reality, but, he’s still around and very conscious and aware of us humans hanging out on this giant mudball we all share. I’m sure he’s comfortable being both wherever his consciousness is presently hanging out AND here, amongst us. When you read his books, visit his web site, watch his videos, you’ll sense him.

With no egotistic intent, with grace and caring, Van has made a lasting impact on all who follow his words. And, he’ll continue having that impact for decades to come. Thank You, Van…your physical presence will be missed!

David Meyer

Beyond becoming a better trader, my life was transformed by Van talking about going to Fiji Oneness University with me at lunch. After that conversation I had to find and get deeksha immediately that same day. I then became a Oneness Blessing Giver. And when the first Oneness Facilitator Training came to U.S. I was in that first class. Van introduced me to Libby and more transformation as I took IASK trainings. All part of healing core wounds and becoming who I am today. It meant a lot to me that Kala and Van stopped on their U.S. road trip for a cruse with me on Lake Coeur d Alene. Van you have been a great support and mentor to me. I bow to you.

Shahab Yasin

Dear Van,
I am so grateful to have met you. You completely changed my life as you did the lives of so many others. I grew up in to adulthood under your loving care. I will honour you for the rest of my life. You taught me so much and gave me gifts for the rest of my life. I am going to miss you so much.

Annika & Andres

First your books and home courses encouraged us to look at trading as a viable profession. And then we met you in Berlin where you introduced us to Oneness. Your and Kala’s blessings were so profound that we took the feeling back home. Now we have a very active Oneness community in our country and lots of awakened people here. That’s how much you changed our lives for the better. Thank you! It was an honor to know you!
Our heart goes out to Kala, RJ, and all the VTI family.
Annika & Andres
Tallinn, Estonia

Chris S

I’ve been trading for 23 years and I’ve been a full-time professional futures trader for the last 13 years. I started my journey in the markets with William J Oneil’s “How to Make Money in Stocks”, reading the Market Wizards books and fantasizing about being a great trader. It turned out to be a much tougher and interesting journey than I ever expected. Van Tharp’s books and teachings, especially “Trade Your Way to Financial Freedom” and the Definitive Guide to Position Sizing” had a profound effect on how I looked at markets, trading psychology, and setting goals and achieving them through position sizing, once I understood the statistical outcomes, and SQN of my trading method.
I doubt I would be successful today without learning from Van’s ability to get to the core of what good trading (and the self-awareness it requires!) is all about.
I never met Van personally, but he has been in my trading life everyday for 23 years as a mentor through his books and teachings, his weekly newsletter and frequent webinars.
Thank you Van for your help, guidance and clarity on the trading journey. You will be missed. My condolences to Van’s family and the trading community.

Tom Basso

I remember spending entire weekends helping out with the Peak Performance Workshops and spending much of Sunday afternoons answering questions that never seemed to end. Van’s approach to the mental side of trading was well thought out and covered an amazing amount of ground. I started working with him well after I was a known figure in the trading industry and I had figured out that controlling my mental processes was a critically important thing in trading, but hanging out with Van and other traders gave me actual terms and concepts in the mental game. There were a lot of Aha moments in those weekends. Van introduced me to Jack Schwager, who subsequently interviewed me for The New Market Wizards, which lead to me being “Mr. Serenity”. I fondly remember staying with Van and Kala for the weekends. They were gracious hosts and I loved the view out their back window. So peaceful! Van touched many lives and will be remembered as one of the pioneers in the mental game in trading. Rest peacefully, Van!

Juan Carlos Angel

Thank you for waking me up from the nightmare I was living prior to meeting you at the Oneness retreats. For ever in gratitude for your teachings, seminars and books that changed my life for good;
rest in peace 🙏🏻

Ricardo Goulart

Dr. Tharp has had a huge impact on people from all over the world who has persued financial freedom through trading. Gratitude for your brilliant work. I will never forget all the weekends reading and taking notes of Trade Your Way to Financial Freedom. A Trader fan from Brazil.

Jim Carroll

I attended several VTI workshops over the years and always appreciated Van’s Yoda-like presence. He could be serious, playful, enigmatic – but always with growth as a priority. I suspect that his spirit will continue to be felt. Rest in peace.


I had the privilege of meeting Van several times here in Australia and in Cary. The impact on my life has been profound. Thank you and Rest In Peace.

Mothofeela Lekeno from Johannesburg South Africa

I am so sorry for the untimely death of this follow giant. It is indeed very sad that he Leaves us in crucial moment. He was a Teacher, a Mentor and a Brother to us, his students Traders. May his soul rest in peace. Thank you.

Minjae SEO

Thanks to Van, I could start this trading journey. He shared so much of trading. I have not achieved financial freedom yet, but I will not give up until I become. Through the road, I will remember Van’s advice and teaching. I am deeply grateful and appreciate your being, Van. Rest in peace, my teacher.

Colin Henwood

Thank you Van for your profoundly in-depth insights and writings – and for caring so much. May your growth continue in your new realm …

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