Dr. Van K. Tharp

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This site honors the life and work of Dr. Van K. Tharp (1946-2022)


Dr. Tharp was a teacher, coach and awakener to many on their trading journey, helping them to transform their trading and their lives.


He was also a loving husband, father, and a good friend to all who knew him.

You don't trade the markets: you trade your beliefs about the markets. – Dr. Van K. Tharp

In Memory of Dr. Van K. Tharp

Dr. Van Tharp is remembered as a founding father of the field of trading psychology and one of the world's top trading coaches.  

“Van” as most people knew him, was an astute student of human behavior who amassed over 5,000 trader profiles. His extensive research helped him develop hundreds of useful models for trading success. He taught these models at live workshops and explained them in home study courses through the Van Tharp Institute. The intensive two to four yearlong Super Trader program that Van created was respected as one of the top trader development programs in the world. 

In addition to encouraging traders to develop their technical acumen in areas like risk management, Van was a strong proponent of working on your Self. Helping people make personal changes over many years, he observed and experienced that personal transformations required a spiritual element in order to be long lasting. In time, Van became a steadfast spiritual seeker and a role model for awakening to your true identity. He openly shared his own spiritual experiences in his writing and courses.

Dr. Van Tharp was a trading concept innovator, a brilliant teacher, and a humble leader. His work helped tens of thousands of traders across the globe dramatically improve their trading as well as their lives. We invite you to explore a sample of his work on this website.

"The most significant work that anyone can do to increase market returns is self-work. Really understanding yourself and how you think can give you an edge that others in the market don't have."

- Dr. Van K. Tharp

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