Keeping up with the Van Tharp Team

Carrying on Van's work has been deeply rewarding and we are filled with gratitude for the wonderful people that shared their transformational journeys with us.

Van's energy and teachings live on with us as we move into new adventures!

Core Team

Our team has finished our journey with the Van Tharp Institute.   

We are grateful for the support and many kind words from our customers and partners.

We are looking forward to new adventures in the years to come.


Kala Tharp

Kala 2

Our beloved Kala Tharp is well and has decided to retire. 

She is enjoying well-deserved time painting, traveling and visiting with family and friends.

Many partners and Super Traders stay in touch with her, and she enjoys hearing about their lives and progress.


Coaches and Advisors

Bruce Walicek, Gracia Rosslow, and Edwin Mercado, our Super Trader Coaches, support the Van Tharp Institute part-time as members of our extended team. They are coaching our Super Traders as they progress through their current programs, while they continue supporting various trading communities and working in their own professional pursuits.

Our Strategic Advisors, RJ Hixson and Kimm Hershberger, have worked with Van, Kala and the Van Tharp Team for over a decade. Outside of their work with our team, they each continue to be involved in various trading and transformational communities while working in their own professional pursuits.

Sharing Reflections on our Gifts from Van

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