2024 e-Learning Portal

Who Can Access e-Learning

The Van Tharp Institute closed operations on December 31, 2023. Users can no longer purchase new eLearning courses or extend access to their prior eLearning courses.

The following individuals may have eLearning access for part of 2024.

Super Traders who are completing a program in 2024 will have access until the earlier of the end of their program term, or December 15, 2024.

Individuals who purchased an eLearning course after January 01, 2021, will have access until the earlier of the end of the eLearning term for that course, or December 15, 2024.

The eLearning portal will be permanently deactivated on December 15, 2024.

How to Transition to the New eLearning Portal

This is a new eLearning portal and your credentials to the old portal will NOT work.

Please DO NOT attempt to use your log-in credentials from our old eLearning site - you will get locked out for several hours.

If you have not transitioned to the new site, please follow the instructions below.

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