2024 FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I purchase VTI products?

As of October 31st, 2023, we are not taking any more sales for products, workshops or assessments on our site. However, two customer favorites, The Peak Performance Home Study for Traders and Investors and The Definitive Guide to Position Sizing Strategies will be published and sold through Amazon starting in 2024.


Can I install Van’s Position Sizing Game on my computer?

The Game was discontinued in 2023. While some of our customers may still use the tool, it hasn't been optimized for newer operating systems and we will not be able to offer technical support, or new registration keys, in the future.


Can I request new results for Van’s Investment Psychology Inventory Profile?

Support is no longer available for this assessment.


Where are my eLearning courses?

Individuals who purchased an eLearning course after January 01, 2021, and Super Traders who are completing a program, can access their courses on our NEW ELEARNING PLATFORM. More information can be found here: eLearning Portal


How long will I have access to my eLearning courses?

Individuals will have access until the earlier of a) the end of the eLearning term for that course (based on purchase date), or) December 15, 2024. The eLearning portal will be permanently deactivated on December 15, 2024.


Can I join VTI's Super Trader Program?

We are not accepting new applications for the Super Trader Program.


I have attended a workshop in the past. Can I still access materials and recordings on Basecamp?

All Basecamp “projects” have been closed. On average, access to workshop recordings expired after a month and project area activity declined after the conclusion of the course. In this regard, there is no real “loss” of any information for the workshops.


Are Van’s past articles available to read somewhere?

Yes! You can read more recent articles and timeless favorites on our blog. Older articles by Van and friends can be found in our Newsletter Archive.

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