2024 About The Van Tharp Institute

About the Van Tharp Institute

Dr. Van Tharp founded the Van Tharp Institute in 1982 to offer high-quality educational products and services for traders and investors around the globe.

Dr. Tharp's techniques for producing great traders were some of the most effective in the field, and the institute stood out as an international leader in the unique arena of professional trading coaches and consultants.

The institute and its partners offered unique learning strategies to help people overcome problems in areas of system development and trading psychology, and success related issues such as self-sabotage.

While The Van Tharp Institute specialized in the area of finance, their mission was to touch people in a way that changed them for the better.

Dr. Van Tharp passed away in February 2022.

The Van Tharp Institute decided to voluntarily close operations on December 31, 2023, and to best honor Dr. Tharp's work by leaving it in his original voice.

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