Peak Home Study - Volume Contents

The following provides a brief outline of the five volumes of the Peak Home Study Course.

Volume 1 – How to Use Risk to Become a More Successful Investor

About Volume 1

This volume is packed with exercises and hints to help you succeed.

You'll learn about the LOSS TRAP -- a dangerous snare many investors fall into simply doing what comes naturally. Volume 1 provides you with specific suggestions about how to get out of the trap or avoid it altogether.

Volume 1 - Table of Contents:

1 - Commitment
2 - How to Use The Course
3 - Personal Responsibility (Entirely New Chapter)
4 - How to Duplicate Success
5 - The Tasks of Top Trading (Two New Trading Tasks)
6 - A Brief Look at Risk (Significant Changes)
7 - Psychological Elements of Risking
8 - Techniques to Objectively Measure Risk (Updated Prediction Exercise)
9 - Techniques to Control Risk and Increase Safety
10 - Doing a Self-Assessment (Entirely New Chapter)
A1 - Prediction Test Answers
A2 - Standard Deviation Formula

Volume 2 – How to Control Stress to Become a More Successful Investor

About Volume 2

Do you worry excessively? – Are you overly stressed? – Are you troubled by your health? – Do you sometimes feel out of control?

Volume 2 will help you perform more effectively as an investor while improving your outlook on life. You will learn how the biological and psychological components of stress affect trading performance.

Volume 2 is packed with exercises and techniques for managing stress. The exercises are designed to help you become a happier, more relaxed person and overcome stress-induced trading and investing losses.

Volume 2 - Table of Contents:

1 – Trading Stress
2 – Self-Assessment
3 – Stress: Biological and Psychological Perspectives
4 – An Information Processing Analysis of Trading
5 – How Stress Produces Trading Losses
6 – Get Out of the Fire
7 – Wear Asbestos When You’re in the Fire: Fine Tune What You Put Into Your Body (24 New Steps to Move You Toward Peak Performance Health)
8 – Wear Asbestos When You’re in the Fire: Exercise
9 – Other Forms of Asbestos for When You’re in the Fire: Recharge, Relax and Do Mental Rehearsal
10 – Mental Control of the Fire
A1 – Appendix

Volume 3 – How to Control Losing Attitudes to Become a More Successful Investor

About Volume 3

Do you lack the patience to wait until you get a signal from your trading system? Do consecutive losses cause you to abandon a winning system & lose your objectivity? Do you often invest or trade when you know that the odds are against you? Do you fail to follow your system to ensure sound investments or trades?

Volume 3 explores how your internal perceptions and attitudes determine your investment results. It includes exercises to assist you in understanding how to control your profits and losses.

This volume discusses the structure of excellence—the characteristics that typify the best investors—and shows you how to make effective changes to improve your performance.

Volume 3 will help put you in touch with your values. Learn to eliminate conflicts and overcome weaknesses to achieve your goals and perform more effectively. You will learn to take quick action and avoid fighting the market.

Volume 3 - Table of Contents:

1 – Your Attitude Shapes Your Results
2 – Understanding Losses
3 – Self-Assessment (Significant Changes to Value Elicitation Exercises)
4 – How You Use Your Brain
5 – The Structure of Excellence
6 – Logical Levels of Belief (An Introduction to Changing Your Beliefs)
7 – A Eleven-Step Plan for Investment Excellence (New Step Added)
8 – Conflicting Values
9 – Conflicting Internal Parts
10 – Conflict: An Interview with a Floor Trader
11 – Control Your Losing Attitudes (Updated Beliefs of Top Traders)
A1 – Predicates
A2 – Submodalities Checklist

Volume 4 – How to Develop Discipline to Become a More Successful Investor

About Volume 4

Volume 4 teaches you how the best investors in the world remain unemotional when they trade.

This volume gives you specific suggestions for controlling your mental state so that you can:

  • avoid fearful responses.
  • remain calm and detached while you are trading.
  • wait patiently for the best opportunities.
  • avoid impatience and, thus, avoid over-trading.

What’s more, some of the techniques in Volume 4 can be put to use within minutes for an immediate impact on your investing or trading.

Volume 4 - Table of Contents:

1 – What is a “State?”
2 – How to Observe and Select Your Mental State
3 – How to Get the State of Mind You Want
4 – How to Build a Mental State from Parts
5 – How to Regulate Your State
6 – How to Control your State of Mind
7 – An Analysis of Some Common States
8 – Four Models of Self-Sabotage (Entirely New Chapter)
9 – Feelings as a Basis for Self-Sabotage (New Information on Alexithymia and a New Feelings Release Model)
10 – How to Deal with Compulsiveness
11 – Changing Your Beliefs (Entirely New Chapter)
12 – Steps to Discipline
A1 – Submodalities Checklist
A2 – General State Characteristics

Volume 5 – How to Make Sound Decisions to Become a More Successful Investor

About Volume 5

Volume 5 contains the mental decision-making strategies of some of the great traders who are part of Dr. Tharp’s Successful Attitude Model (TM).

Learn how they think. Learn how to implement strategies in the manner in which successful traders have made millions of dollars.

This volume also contains a section on developing a winning game plan that alone is worth the price of the course.

Volume 5 - Table of Contents:

1 – The Building Blocks
2 – What is a Strategy?
3 – Decision Elicitation
4 – Other Useful Strategies
5 – Problems with Decision Strategies
6 – Developing the Strategy You Want
7 – Human Limitations and Probability Judgments
8 – Common Decision Biases
9 – Hindsight Bias
10 – Two Contrasting Super Traders
11 – On Intuition (New Information on the Oneness Movement)
12 – Design a Winning Game Plan (Two New Steps)
A1 – Bayes’ Theorem and Rules of Probability
A2 – Common Biases
A3 – Key Elements of Low Risk Ideas and Useful Beliefs that You Might Hold About Them
A4 – Recommended Readings

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