Since 1982, Van Tharp has been helping others become the best traders and investors they can be through his unique concepts and teaching strategies.

Read what others have said about Van’s books, courses, and workshops below:

“Dear Dr. Van K. Tharp,

I’ve read scores of books about trading and I’ve done extremely well, but I know there are numerous areas where I can improve, so I bought your book on impulse at a bookstore. I’m halfway through my first read of Super Trader and I’m convinced it will be the most useful book on trading I’ve ever read. I feel lucky because I was in the process of writing down key experiential lessons so that I don’t make the same mistakes, and you provide a wonderful template to follow for that. My undergrad is in psychology and my doctorate is in organizational behavior. I directed the organization development function for several Fortune 500 Multinational Companies before getting sick of the corporate politics and moving on to full-time trading. I mention this because I have extensive experience in both consulting and training, as well as trading. Perhaps this is why I think so highly of your book. You’ve done a superb job of laying out the psychological mindset background before moving into the key areas of business planning, system development, position sizing, etc. I think most people who read a great book seldom take the time to thank the author. So I just want to say thanks $14+ trillion and counting for your immense contribution to our field.”—Richard B. Cogan, Ph.D.

“Just a short note to express my gratitude for the recent courses in Berlin. I can’t overstate how profound the experience was for me or what an impact it is already having. When I returned home, I felt much more at ease with myself and my trading. Add the benefit from incorporating some of the course material into my daily routine and I can see a tangible improvement in my trading performance already. After only three days of trading, the courses have already paid for themselves several times over in terms of incremental (not just absolute) profits. Somehow, that seems to be almost beside the point when compared to the bigger and more exciting prize of self-mastery and personal growth. I’m very much looking forward to working with you further, and I’m excited about the journey ahead.”—Client Feedback from Peak Performance 101 and Blueprint for Trading Success Workshops.

“I read your two books and found them extremely interesting. I’m incorporating your strategies into my personal life and finances…I have read a great number of books and articles on these subjects. However, I found your strategies much more logical and original than any other ones.”—L. Ginette, Quebec City, Canada

“I want to take this opportunity to thank you for the life-changing training experience I had five years ago at your seminar in North Carolina… My trading has resulted in over 2 million in profit this year… prior to my experience in your program five years ago, I would have to say I had never been a truly profitable trader. My sincerest thanks and appreciation for the study you have made of “modeling” other professional successful traders and imparting their correct psychological habits and techniques to those of us who desire to attain the status of trader for profit.”—J.C.

“Just wanted to drop you a line to thank you for all your help and to give you some feedback on my progress… after completing your course and developing a game plan and journal, I started back to trading…To make a long story short, I have had 8 trades since the end of July when I started trading. I lost four and was profitable on four. The last two were also quite spectacular, netting a total of over $37,000 in two weeks…your course and inventory Profile helped me to get a hand on my more self-defeating tendencies.”—E.W.

“I’ve just been through the Peak Performance Home Study. It took me about 5 months. Most enjoyable hard work I’ve ever done. I learned a lot about myself as a person and as a trader. I balked a lot, told myself; ‘I’m going to need help with this.’ But I got through the exercises OK. Trading Beyond the Matrix arrived in the mail as I neared the end of the course. I was most grateful to find some of the ‘super traders’ had had similar barriers to self-discovery that I’d experienced. I was able to forgive myself for not getting it perfect first time. I had a part of myself that I hated. I’d been fighting it for years. Conflict dissolved when A) I accepted that I created that part and B) found two positive intentions for its creation. Resolution of that conflict alone was worth the cost of the course. I am now able to take losses easily. Not letting my losses run.However, I still find monitoring profitable trades and existing profitable trades very stressful. No system, mental strategies, and position sizing algorithms to assist. There were many other smaller, positive shifts in my consciousness along the way. Presently feeling a little overwhelmed by the workload ahead of me.Have loved it so far. I am looking forward to learning more.”

“I just finished Volume 5 of the Peak Performance Home Study Course. I can summarize my learning experience in one sentence: ‘All causation is mental.’ This isn’t my quote, but, for me, it exemplifies the power of the mind. Robert Kiyosaki interviewed Dr. Tharp on a tape that was included in the CashFlow 202 game. I was completely absorbed by the approach (so different from most trading commentary) that Dr. Tharp used in his thought processes. What held my attention was the similar ‘it’s in your mind’ component of the BE – DO – HAVE equation that Kiyosaki teaches. I see crystal clear that the seed of the results we get in our lives is germinated first in our minds. The growth or death of that seed also depends on our minds. To me, in hindsight, it’s obvious that the most important part of trading is the one doing the trading. The trader is completely controlled by the trader’s mind. I heard it said once that, in healthy human evolution, we proceed from dependence to independence to interdependence as we grow and mature. This [Peak Performance] course has introduced ways to think dependently, independently, and interdependently; I believe there are useful ways to employ all three modes that will support successful trading. The course taught me the basics of fishing instead of depending on someone to give me a fish. The real benefit is the fact that the material can put the power of the material where it should be—between the ears. I anxiously look forward to reviewing the course, using it as a model to build my trading business, and studying further with Dr. Tharp’s material. Hopefully, you find this useful and an encouragement to keep up the good work!”—Rick Redel

“As I mentioned by phone, your course is the most powerful material I have ever come across on trading. It is challenging and therapeutic for those who want to be better traders and less neurotic in their personalities.”—J.M.

“A few months ago, I purchased your ‘Peak Performance Course.’ I can honestly say it’s the best investment I have ever made towards my career and aspiration to trade my own money from home.”—E. M.

“I trained under Dr. Tharp at a Chicago workshop in early 2001. I became a successful equities trader using the foundations I learned from Dr. Tharp. I now trade forex successfully and I would like everyone to know that Dr. Tharp knows the secret to becoming a successful trader. He can train you and he can test you before you risk one dollar, euro or yen in the Forex market today.” —Marty Parrish

Peak Performance 101 Workshop

“An absolute must for anyone wanting to become a consistently successful trader.”—Alex Rudolph

“For me, this was a revisit to the course. As a trader, you can never go wrong by repeating this course. Every trader should do this course. The fact that they don’t gives me an edge in the market!”—Kevin Thomas

“In 20 years of trading, I have never spent any attention on the psychological aspects of trading and myself. Being a very rational person, I was skeptical concerning whether this would have any effect on me. What a positive surprise! I discovered things I didn’t even know had existed and have taken a big step forward. Thank you.”—Frank Bormann, Hong Kong

“I liked identifying my beliefs and finding out the conflicts between beliefs and reality.”—L. Farrier

“The course was one of the major events of my life. Among other things, it ended a 23-year emotional nightmare relationship I’d had with the market… Prior to the seminar, my reaction time upon receipt of a buy signal was half an hour to never. I would think of all possible things that could go wrong and find reasons not to follow my system. The Tuesday following the course, my reaction time to a buy signal was seven seconds.”—D.N., NY

“In essence, I made over 80% return on 6% of my capital in less than one month—and that’s just on closed trades… My trading system hasn’t changed one iota; I have changed.”—R.G., CA

“I am amazed. There is no other word for it!”—D.C., Belgium

“Fulfilled my expectations by helping me identify issues that blocked my growth and provided appropriate and efficient tools to deal with these issues.”—M.P., LA

“Definitely worth the time—wish I could have stayed longer… Saw first hand how I would sabotage myself and how I need to approach it… Before, I had just bearskins and stone knives for tools in how to deal with all of the things related to self. Now I have a whole new toolbox— 20th-century style!”—S.P. Arlington, Texas

“Most useful course that I have been on.”—Phillp Drew, Australia

“Excellent resource: A great global perspective on what is important to be a successful trader.”—S.S., Panama City Beach, FL

“The parts negotiation exercises yielded better results than I have been able to manage at home after completing the home study course twice. I feel that the next time I work through the books, I will get even more out of the exercises.”—Natalie Murray, Australia

“The weekend was life-altering. The changes I have begun to make have already reaped benefits. I truly feel that I will date my life before and after the weekend—not because my life before was anything to complain about, but because I now realize how great my life can be. Thank you!”—G.J. RI

“This course has come at the right time in my trading life. I would attend this course again.”—J. Baddour

“Words cannot describe how I feel about the Peak Performance seminar, but I will try my best. I came to your course with very high expectations. Your program came highly recommended by a friend. However, I never thought that I would come away with such powerful tools to use both in trading and, more importantly, in life… But nothing could have been better than making my largest winning trade the very next day [after the workshop]. I was able to let my winning trade run instead of cutting it short the way I usually do. This resulted in turning a $500 winner into a $2,100 winner. If I keep this up, who knows what’s possible?”—M.S.

“The best workshop I have attended, trading or otherwise. Would encourage anyone who wants to really get in touch with who they are and why they act the way they do to attend this course.”—Jonathan Gould, Australia

“I know that my participation in that event will result in mental, emotional and physical improvements in my life. Immediately following the exercise, many people approached me to comment on how brave they thought I was. At the time, I didn’t feel brave because I knew the time and circumstances were right to deal with the issue.

“The 101 workshop puts the teachings of the home study course in context in a dynamic group experience. This provided me with great insight… the course is life changing. Thank you.”—S. Yusuf, MI

“Van is without a doubt a master at understanding and explaining the trading process with all its complex parts. The experiential component was jarring, enlightening and positive. I recommend the course for professional and novice traders.”—Michael Berman, Sydney, AU

“I found this course to be very helpful in resolving conflicts.”—S. Sams, CA

“Van took us through a visualization exercise to identify and locate deep-seated negative feelings. As we came out of the exercise, he asked who would be committed to releasing those feelings, even if it meant doing it in front of the whole class. I am not usually one to volunteer for such things, but my hand was the first to go into the air. The subsequent feelings release exercise that he talked me through was one of the most intense yet amazing experiences.

“For a new not-yet-trader, carefully studying Dr. Tharp’s work, I could not even begin to think of what life would be like working without taking the first step here.”—S.L., DC

“This course occurred at a perfect time for me. That is, I gained the most from this course when compared to any other course taken. The mix of people enhanced the experience. I enjoyed the energy of the room. Thanks for coming back to Sydney, Van!”—Jamie Davies, Australia

“Very positive. I was able to discover and refocus on issues that I am dealing with, leaving with a plan of attack and the confidence to implement it on a daily basis.”—B.K.

“What a fantastic course! I feel like I’ve taken my first steps toward a self-discovery that will make me a better trader and a better person.” —M. Holland, MA

“It was good to see other people in the same boat, seeking to improve themselves. Your long-term clients taught by example, too…the seminar struck the right balance between structure and informality. On the whole, I felt it was a very positive experience.”—P.N.

“I cannot in my wildest dreams imagine how anyone could even contemplate successful trading without the foundation of PP 101. The secrets of trading are not always where we expect to find them. PP101 was the key that allowed me to open my door to a world of unlimited trading potential.”—Steven Redgrave, Australia

“Having the successful traders in the room helps immensely. Using the modeling technique is smart and points me in a new and more productive pathway.”—P.D.

” My personal performance improved in every area of my life [following the Peak Performance 101 course]. My relationships improved, my organizational skills improved, my rock climbing improved (dramatically), my golf game—well, actually, my golf game didn’t improve, but I noticed that I’m having a lot more fun playing golf than I’d ever had before. My self-confidence is soaring off the meter! My trading performance has improved. I learned to create a sense of serenity (as a mental state) around my self, whether I’m winning or losing. I’m much calmer watching the markets whipsaw. This mental-state control has improved my overall technical edge. I can focus better on the programming tasks.”—B.C., Salt Lake City, UT

“You said at the beginning of the seminar that some people would be profoundly affected by the material in both their trading and their lives. I was one of those people.”—W.B., MA

“After attending your course, I suspended trading until June 24th to regroup. I have just completed my first four weeks of trading with starting capital of $66,782. I have $7,711 in closed-out profits with open trade equity of $5,448 as of yesterday’s close… Now I am trading very relaxed and feeling very peaceful about my business, with a sense of calm and control.”—S.G., CO

“I just wanted you to know how much I took your ‘million dollar’ ideas from the Peak Performance Workshop to heart. Today marked one month since the workshop, and I have realized a 37.5% return on my entire portfolio in that month (true return, not annualized) and most of that in the past two days. I am fired up.”—P.S., FL

“Worthwhile. Definitely got a better understanding of myself and what I need to do to become a better trader.”—G. P., South Africa

“I found out that Van Tharp is for real… I really liked the Peak Performance course. Very useful.”—J.W., NV

“Self-sabotage has always been my major personal issue. Having the skills to cope will make all the difference… A global experience. Throughout the seminar, I appreciated the emphasis on the ‘whole’ person, not just the ‘trader’ personality.”—J.M., Oak Park, KS

“After spending three days with Van, I came away with one belief that saved my career: only low-risk trades will keep you in the game!”—H.W., NY

“Outstanding outcome in terms of internalizing Van’s process; took my whole perception of trading to a completely different level and solved major personal conflicts.”—Bob Greenup, Australia

“Van Tharp brings simple but effective wisdom backed up by practical resources to enable any trader with a commitment to succeed where others fail. I liked his style, pace and effort to maximize the learning. The 10 tasks and the final plan will help me achieve success. I’ll be reworking my plan and sticking to it. Thanks!”—David Sanders, Australia

“Great course. I got lots from it, and it went much deeper than I thought it would. Now I have lots of tools to take home.”—Paul Hoogendyk, Australia

“Anyone serious about taking their life to a new, higher level should be taking this course.”—R. Freeman, FL

“Fabulous course. It will have a major, positive impact on my trading success and will also require that I change some of the ways I do things. I would recommend this course to anyone who wants to improve their understanding of how their psychology affects their success.”—F.L., Sharpsburg, GA

“It felt good to meet fellow traders…. to be around people whom I could admire. Independent thinkers are at a premium. To have so many in one room was a very pleasant experience.”—E.M., MI

“Being with everyone showed me that I was like everyone else in the room, with a lot of stored emotions wanting to get attention. After the seminar, I had a clear purpose and direction, as if I had seen and understood what the assembled puzzle should look like.”—G. G., France

“[It] … really elevated my trading onto a higher plane. I was already a very good trader, but now I’m even better, which is very exciting. My whole life is better because I’m a better husband and a better father as a result of the experience.”—K.T., England

“As a result of the course, I expect positive improvement in my business as a hedge fund manager and as a father, husband, and human.”—K.S., Redmond, WA

“The discussions about money management were unexpected and worth the price of admission by itself.”—M.S., CA

“Excellent! This should be the first course for all new people. I enjoyed this one the most.”—T.C., WA

“This course has opened up a part of me that has me feeling very positive and seeing things in a new way… I am looking at everything anew, and anything is possible. I am truly grateful for having the opportunity to have learnt these things.”—Mateusz Miszczuk, Australia

“This is a fantastic course; I totally recommend it. Trading is a personal performance. This course explores the personal to get the performance. Thank you for making it available in Australia.”—Cameron Munro, Australia

“Great Course – Many Thanks! I had expected the workshop to be a walk-thru of the home study course. Very pleasantly surprised to find it quite different.”—Ian Thomson, Australia

“100 of out 10!”—Tom Stojanovic, Australia

“This course has opened my eyes to new ways to improve myself that are very easy and simple.”—Barbara Muller, Australia

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Peak Performance 202 Workshop

“Finally finding a purpose! I have been rushing through my daily life and never had the time to think and focus. To have someone guiding you on the way to find your own path was incredible. Much less frustration than before. And an extra plus was that there were more ‘professional’ traders in this course.”—Fredrick Bodecker

“The workshop succeeded in really pushing my limits and opening my eyes to how the world really operates….I will never see the world the same way again.”—FL, San Francisco

“I met some incredibly wise, wonderful and talented people.”—Sara Rich

“Glad I came! Too many areas of enlightenment [to write in] this space. Overall, I am walking away with a new look at my thought process.”—Michael Herlehy, CO

“Great new tool. Illuminates a spiritually based approach to life alternatives.”—T.P.G.

“Opened my eyes about my own limitations so that I can finally begin trading without self-sabotage. The presentation gave me enormous motivation.—DJH, San Bruno, CA,

“Excellent. I feel the course reached a highly empowering climax in the afternoon of the last day. You really shifted the entire class.”—B.D., Ireland

“I absolutely loved the workshop and I’m amazed at being able to begin trading and start with a plan to do so. It educated me to a new, once impossible avenue, that is now possible for me.”—A.D., Ireland

“Thought-provoking and challenging material forced me to rethink basic premises on many levels. A better understanding of my edges and a practical plan to go forward.”—J.A. Martin

“This is the best financial/trading course I have taken. It has given me the foundation to understanding my current financial/trading strategies and what I need to do to grow my skills.”—B.R.J., KY

“I can see how re-creating my life is not the same as transforming (re-creating is like moving the furniture in the same box). I have met some incredibly wise, wonderful and talented people.”—S.R. GA

“I discovered and learned so much about myself from this.”—A.D., Ireland

“Understanding domains and wealth and trading games give an extremely valuable insight into how each level made money.”—B.R.J., KY

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Peak Performance 203 Workshop

“This workshop has the potential to transform you.”—Lars Jorgensen

“Every part of this workshop left a huge mark on me. It is not exaggerations to say that it transformed the way I look at myself.”—Neil Abrams

“A day full of energy, joy, and heightened awareness.”—Bruno Serfaty

“This course made more difference to me than any other.”—Jan Steensma

“This workshop has given me a lot of ideas for personal transformation and practical applications on the most important part of my life: being happy. Thank you!”—Curtis Wee

“This workshop is not just for traders but for anyone who wants to understand themselves.”—T. N.

“The information and experiences are certainly life changing if one is open to them.”—Beth Sime

“Best psychology class I’ve ever attended.”—Jim Ehrestman

“How to see yourself as a good trader and investor.”—John Lee

“Following your bliss—how easy it can be if we desire to choose it instead of living in fear.”—Ashay Brahmbhatt

“It amazed me to find happiness could be such an easy choice to make. I don’t have to have all the things I want. I could simply choose to be happy now. I have known that but now I know how.”—RJ Hixson

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Peak Performance 204 Workshop

“It seemed as though I learned something new every five minutes.” — Bill, Houston, TX.

“The workshop has given me the tools and confidence to make critical decisions regarding my trading and all other areas of my life. The workshop is a must for anyone who wants to improve their trading and their life. By understanding mental strategies, you can achieve anything.” — Kevin, London, England

“I enjoyed the workshop very much because it gave me additional tools that I can use to improve my trading. I learned more ways about how to recognize when the unconscious gives me signals, and in some cases, what the signal means. I learned more ways to access my unconscious mind.” — Herb, Vancouver, Canada

“I often think about how your courses revolutionized my life. Through taking your home study course, Peak Performance Workshop, and Mental Strategies I have transformed not only my business and investments but how I perceive and react to all aspects of my life.” — M.T., Santa Fe, NM

Perhaps the most unusual story about this workshop came from Tom Basso who attended the first workshop at Pinehurst, NC around 1991. Tom was featured in the New Market Wizards by Jack Schwager. Tom’s a very mechanical trader, but at this workshop, he learned more about his creative side and his creative strategies. As a result, he modeled several book authors and turned on his creativity. The result of this process was his book, The Frustrated Investor (later renamed Panic-Proof Investing). Fund managers used to buy large numbers of these books to give to their clients. And that book would not have existed without this workshop!

How to Develop a Winning Trading System That Fits You Workshop

“I have to tell you how thrilled and excited I am about the systems course I was recently certified in. I believe that course was designed especially for me, I got so much out of it. You did a great job presenting the course material. You were fabulous, amazing, energetic and your enthusiasm was contagious! I also appreciate your personal availability between the scheduled meetings. It was an extra bonus to have someone on one conversation specifically about my trading system, testing methodology and personal coaching on how to overcome our problems with actually trading our system. Of course, I must give some credit to my fellow attendees. They were great, and played all out, further enhancing the value of the course. But without your expert facilitation to encourage more participation, it would not have occurred in the way that it did. Since I left North Carolina, I have had an opportunity to spend a week with my client to re-create what I learned in the course. We got down and listed our core beliefs, our objectives, and looked long and hard at our biases. From this information, we designed an entry, exit and simple position sizing strategy that fit our objectives. Actually, we have a working system and it turns out that just a little modification to that existing system is what we really want to meet our objectives. Now I’m all excited, I can hardly sleep because Chuck handed me the tools and methodology I needed to effectively verify and backtest this new system. I just need to type faster to keep up with my enthusiasm.”—B. Cupps

“This class really provided the mechanics and practical methods of how to create a workable system.”—G. Kapraun

“Very useful and quite enlightening due to the emphasis on goals and objectives, which work as a great filter on making decisions.”—D.M., South Africa

“Learned four new indicators that will enhance my system. Learned system improvements from Chuck and D.R.”—C. Williamson

“Great! Very professional. Chuck and D.R. are a great combination.”—R. Contreras

“It was an outstanding event and most educational. My goal is to become a world-class trader and I know with your guidance that reality is inevitable.”—V.B., TX

“Any trader who does not participate in this course has already made a major trading mistake. The principles of a successful trading plan are very rarely if ever, explained fully except by Van Tharp.”—S. Redgrave, Australia

“Excellent! I never thought of how many separate elements went into a system. I now have the knowledge and confidence to develop a system for myself.”—B.F., New York

“I felt that all parts of system development were covered well.”—P. Robinson

“I enjoyed the course. I thought it was planned and executed very well.”—D. Scott

“Excellent. Loads of information. Good networking.”—E. Jefferson

“It was just what I needed to help me understand the comprehensive nature of systems (it isn’t just entry and exit procedure). I can use my creativity and enjoy the process of developing my strategy. I learned to dig in a try something.”—Craig Jorgensen, MI

“Our team had a great experience in learning how important it is to lock in large R-multiple profits. This was a great lesson with real-world applications.”—Rick Freeman

“I was very pleased. As a novice investor/trader, this course did an excellent job of laying out the pieces of the trading puzzle.”—C.D., Indiana

“Excellent. Well worthwhile… Greatly increased confidence to trade safely and profitably.”—David Smithers, United Kingdom

“The seminar helped me put things in perspective. I came away very satisfied. I have a new calm, yet resolve to improve my trading, and the confidence to know I can.”—J.A., Illinois

“Very good. Gave me a thorough grounding and many new ideas.”—David Blissett, UK

“Overall I found the seminar to be on the cutting edge of trading psychology and system development.”—L.M., Louisiana

“Very useful to see firsthand the real risks of ruin, over-trading, etc. The seminar was very helpful to me in laying out the specific tasks I must complete.”—B.C., Ontario, Canada.

“Incredible weekend! I was a ‘kid in a candy store’ with so many like-minded people committed to trading and personal excellence.”—Warren Beam

“This helped me to understand the proper steps to take in my system development. I thought it was a good balance between the technical (Chuck) and the theory (Van).”—A.C. Florida

“I feel energized. The trading game has shown me for the first time what happens to other traders as they trade, what emotions and thought processes they go through. As a result, I am no longer scared of ‘them”[those] who are on the opposite side of my trades.”—L. Valls

“The best experience I’ve had yet in all the workshops I’ve attended.”—Rick Freeman, CA

“This course was excellent. I got even more out of it by taking it a second time. The course was well organized and is designed for everyone to participate, which helps you learn more.”—Chip Williamson, NC

“Excellent. Games reveal what’s in our mind.”—Rick Redel, Canada

“Super. The cost of the seminar was nothing in comparison to the value received.”—J.D. Georgia

“Well thought out and well presented. Tremendously informative…IITM presenters have only the best interests of their audience at heart. This is plainly evident in their enthusiasm, willingness to share and competence.”—R.F., New York

“Good course—I would do it again and recommend it to others. Thank you. I learned a lot.”—Rob Schmitz, FL

“I found it very helpful to actually practice creating systems and feel that I am much better prepared to create my own.”—J.G. Cargill, VA

“I loved meeting all the folks of like mind, including Van.”—Gary Mason, VA

“Superb. Every section of the seminar was stuffed with information. I couldn’t take notes fast enough (so I opted to just listen). Lots of creative ideas worthy of further research”—R.W., Colorado

“Great workout! (Yes, workout since it was flexing our trading muscles.”—Jordi Llobet-Serra, Spain

“Excellent. Games really honed in for me the importance of objectives and how they drive my trading system development and that there are really several types of systems needed (trading, accounting, etc).”—D. H., Ohio

“Very good, challenging class. Good value, sincere instructor, and participants. Great learning environment.”—Scott Park, NC

“Words fail me—perhaps second-to-none. A must for any novice and master trader alike!”—B.M., S. Africa

“Incredible weekend! I was a ‘kid in a candy store’ with so many like-minded people committed to trading and personal excellence.”—Warren Beam

“It was the most practical and best seminar I’ve attended in the last 10 years. Enjoyable too.”—W.R., Illinois

“The course exceeded my expectations. It was very worthwhile. It put into perspective the steps required to design a workable system. Sessions on exits, entries and money management were particularly interesting for me. I made some new friends that I will stay in contact with. I received excellent value for my time and money.”—Mike McMinn

“Money and time well spent. The interaction and networking with the group was excellent.”—Steve Hunter

“Excellent. As usual.”—Denis Molloy

“A very valuable experience that drove home the importance of knowing risks, expectancy, position sizing and profit protection!”—Roman Franko

“Clearly one of the best workshop I’ve attended. Exceptional presentations and the speakers are very accessible and responsive.”—Mark Ledbetter

“Excellent! I wish I had taken this course before I started trading. The instructors have shown me lots of practical ideas to take home.”—Pat Fong

“The focus on exit strategies, including stops, at the expense of entries was entirely appropriate. From my perspective, the ‘money management’ part of system development was the most valuable…For me this was the right seminar at the right time. My development as a trader was stymied by a number of questions concerning systems, indicators and most importantly, ‘money management’. And, as with most seminars at this level, it was instructive to learn what other traders are doing and how they view the markets.”—M.H.

“Hugely informative, it has everything from the necessary basics to the very complex.”—Tania Northey, Australia

“I feel like I’m going home with bags of gold! It’s a goldmine of information.”—B.C., Utah

“I believe it easily has the best (most valuable) content of any course I have done.”—Peter Deck, Australia

“Highly valuable and great fun!”—Ian Thomson, Australia

“Many intricate complications became defined and simplistic.”—T.S., Bahamas

“Excellent! Even better than the first time I took it 8 years ago. No one does it better. Best information for real-world system development and trading (giving us the best tools/equipment).”—Robert De Boer

“Gave us what we could not achieve by reading books.”—David Sanders, Australia

“Very informative. Extremely beneficial. Fascinating approach!”—Mateusz Miszczuk, Australia

“Excellent. Very productive and stimulating. Worth traveling a long way for.”—Richard Luke, Australia

Blueprint for Trading Success Workshop

“This is the best conference I have ever attended. This is the hardest conference I have ever attended. I had to ask myself some of the most difficult questions I’ve asked in a long time…Van and Mel are not just great trading coaches, they are great people. You are a breath of fresh air in an industry full of hucksters.”—S.W., Rancho Mirage, CA

“My self-discipline had been slipping for trading and with it was going my drive. This course delivered the structure for getting back on track. Thank you.”—Richard Fotiades, Port Jefferson, NY

“I really like the workbook. The action step at the beginning of each chapter is great.”—Tim McGavin, Australia

“For the first time out, I thought the course was very well-organized and delivered. I especially liked the ordering of the material as it followed the sequential steps necessary to become a great trader. The course content will provide an excellent resource, not only in finishing my business plan but also in keeping me on track in the future. I thoroughly enjoyed it and found the content very useful. I actually feel like I’ve come away with a complete “blueprint” I can use to make sure I’m doing all the necessary steps to become and maintain myself as a great trader. It will be very useful in finalizing my business plan.”—Rick Freeman, Dublin, CA

“Overall it’s a course that offers an immense amount of information about what most would consider the unattractive part of trading, yet it is the most critical to successful trading.”—Chad Wagner

“The workshop was excellent and did a very effective job to show how to develop a business plan for trading. The balance between business planning, developing trading strategies, and working on myself was just right.”—M McDowell

“I think the outline of the course itself is extremely helpful. It does give me a blueprint of what needs to be done… I have a really good idea not only of all the work I have to do, but the order to do it in.”—Ed Reardon, IL

“A seminar that covers an enormous range of topics, but all were covered adequately. Very much appreciated Day 3—this was surprising to me as to just how critically important this is. The opportunity to learn this in a “laboratory” environment was terrific: I can’t imagine that my work on PPC [Peak Performance Course] would be the same (I’ll start it later this year) without this seminar. I suspect that I will look back at this seminar as a pivotal career moment (but I suspected this beforehand).”—Forrest Ciesol, La Jolla, CA

“This course clarified for me how to get my business plan done, and actually enjoy doing it.”—Paul, MD

“Challenging and very helpful. The best part was the complete structured program for becoming a great trader, around which the workshop is based, and the 52 exercises and worksheets that we are taking home. I really feel that I have what I need to continue this work at home in the upcoming months.”—Daniel Fylstra, Incline Village, NV

“The course far exceeded my expectation and threw up ideas which had just not existed on the mental horizon. Apart from being a better trader, this course will make me a happier and more complete human being. A stupendous course.”—Satyendra Kumar, India

“Prior to coming to this workshop, I had come to a realization in trading that I needed help structuring a business plan, knowing how to approach and measure strategy development and how to deal with personal traits that reoccur and are not beneficial to me and trading. These expectations were met and exceeded. Two things I found particularly valuable 1) How personal beliefs translate through market beliefs all the way to the specifics of each particular strategy. 2) The structure of materials and workbook is laid out to easily take home and continue with the work.”—Jim Sterk, Lynden, WA

“I came to learn/confirm a valuable foundation/blueprint for becoming the best trader I can be. I got that and more. Good sharing of ideas with other attendees. The purpose for existence discussion was an enriching experience that I valued highly. Thank you.”—Paul Beattie, Canada

“The course was very worthwhile for me. I find that the broad summary of the overall process of developing skills allowed me to put things in a better perspective. I have a much better idea of which areas I need to put the most emphasis and work on. I also found the interaction with the other participants invaluable.”—Craig Herdman, AZ

“This is like no other trading course. Trading courses usually focus on some niche trading skill. This course focuses on the person, with specific steps to succeed.” J. T. WA

“I can do this! Sure, I have a long way to go, but the blueprint is clear!” E. C. FL

Find out more about Blue Print for Trading Success here…

Mechanical Swing and Day Trading Systems for Equities and ETFs

“Brilliant work! Great courses. I really feel like Ken has filled in a lot of gaps for me on broad market analysis, statistical approaches to the markets and specific trade tactics.”—David Smith

“Fantastic course!!! It was great to get deeper into Ken’s thought processes, especially how he reads the tortoise reports to set up his overall weekly and daily trading strategies. Ken’s trading ‘dashboard” is rich with information and is extremely powerful when you know how to take advantage of all it has to offer.”—Ed Pomicter

“Very good with valuable advanced tools that are actionable. Ken’s instructional techniques are terrific and his research is totally first rate.”—Rick Freeman

“Excellent ‘drill down’ insights into how Ken uses his indicators. The essence of brilliance is making the complex simple. This course makes a huge step in this direction.”—Jim Slatten

“It was useful to have Ken go through his daily plan and his explanation of his charts.”—Jay Street

“Ken is a great teacher. All of the systems he taught were the best aspect.”—Kim Andersson

“The best aspect of the course was Ken’s patience and ability to answer my detailed questions. Ken is a world leader in passing on trading knowledge”—Michael Dunjey

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Core Trading Systems: Market Outperformance and Absolute Returns

“Excellent. Good common sense for the person who can only look at the markets after work. Ken is up 100% during secular bear markets (2000-2005). How many people can match that? Ken does all the work: he gives you the systems, tells you how to trade them and then gives you the data through his website.”—Van Tharp

“The fact that there were so many high-powered money managers in the class was quite impressive. Their attendance is a more powerful recommendation than any I could give.”—Fred Link, GA

“It was quite comprehensive, with a good blend of basic background material and application, as well as Ken’s philosophy.”—Joe Pleasants

“Some of the most practical money-making advice on trading systems that I have ever received.”—Tony Jackson, GA

“Very thorough, detailed, with a dedicated speaker who went out of his way. Great course Ken!”—Mike Doseck

“Excellent stuff! Ken is a great teacher, human being and last but not least, trader.”—Leo Willert

“It’s been exhilarating! I found Ken to be extremely clear and structured in his explanation and presentation of his systems, beliefs, and techniques. Awesome information for traders of any level of expertise.”—J. L. S.

“One Word: Excellent…I learned how to fit ETF’s into my current strategy. The “world model’ created by Ken helped me identify macro trends much easier.”—Ferdinand Ledesma

“Extremely comprehensive ‘top down’ approach to trading ETFs. Superbly presented by Ken Long in a very understandable format. I give this course a 10 out of 10. Good job! Ken is clearly a man of great integrity and because of this, he had my trust in the material he was presenting immediately.”—Tim Ridge

“This is the third time I’ve [attended one of] Ken’s seminars. And every time it’s a whole new experience. He’s the best in my book. A unique thinker, a great teacher, intelligent, humorous and last but not least a trader with more than a remarkable track record. I picked up more trading ideas in three days with Ken that I can back-test in 3 years.”—Leo Willert, Austria

“Great Course. Lots of new ideas for trading.”—John Kelly

“Excellent. I would recommend it to anyone other than the absolute beginners. The fact that there were so many high-powered money managers in the class was quite impressive. Their attendance is a more powerful recommendation than any I could give.”—Fred Link, GA

“Very impressed. Ken over delivered on the course objectives and with a lot of his own real-world experiences, all with a good delivery and sense of humor. I leave feeling I can grow my account better than a market benchmark using a disciplined approach without a lot of weekly time and make a little extra using multiple strategies on ETFs.”—David Holland

“Best course yet—both in quality and quantity of material. Ken is a great teacher!”—Jon Collard

“The little guy rarely gets an opportunity to be mentored by someone who has developed and deliver, the complete package of trading beliefs and discipline. Add on top of that the privilege of getting to model his best strategies and methods and you have what was for the best value of my trading education experience.”—Grill Kull, CO

“It’s worth the time and money. [Ken Long is] very accommodating and responsive. He deserves more than a 10.”—Vito Pinto

“Outstanding Value. If you want to become the best ‘mechanical discretionary’ trader you can be, take this course.”—David Smithers, United Kingdom

“Excellent. Provided something for everybody.”—Robert Hartley

“Great ‘all-weather’ market strategies that are safe and risk-managed.”—Mark Neises

“This was a great introduction to ETFs. I Especially liked that it showed me techniques for trading ETFs using short-term strategies.”—Al Mayo

“Acquired practical trading strategies that I can employ tomorrow with confidence.”—Riley Uglum

“Superb! Great teacher, very enthusiastic and knowledgeable.”—Al Lizarraras

“Outstanding. Most beneficial course I’ve attended.”—Michael Bonenberger

Find out more about Core Trading Systems here…

Infinite Wealth Workshop

“This was the best business course I have been to in 17 years. I see myself more clearly and am leaving with effective tools for becoming more effective in my life.” — L.M., GA

“It was excellent. I have never attended a course as mind-blowing as this one. I’ve gained so much, and I’m very grateful to you.” —T. R. South Africa

“The best one I have attended yet! Tons of implementable ideas. I will start tomorrow.” — S.W., LA

“This was my fourth IITM course, and in terms of the revelation of new information, this was the most eye-opening of the courses I have attended. I am excited by the possibilities.” — J.M, TN

“Excellent material. Good group of Students.” — Wayne Howard, FL

“Very good. Lots of ideas and I like the focus on the psychological side.” — Jeremy Martin, Taiwan

“Very relevant for what I am looking for/need.” — Peony Herrera, Spain

“Great course, very thorough. It gave me different sources of wealth generating ideas and ventures. — Jordi Llobet Serra, Spain

“It was like being part of a family. A family that wants to see everyone obtain wealth.” — Barbara Lange, FL

“Outstanding! I have attended over 70 investment seminars and read over 1,000 investment books since 1969 – Dr. Tharp’s resources are the most useful I have participated in, and the quality of other attendees is an extra bonus for additional learning and networking.” — D.S., MI

“I have attended a large number of courses, seminars, courses, etc., in my life. This one is a class act.” — D.H., OH

Forex Workshop

“The best aspect of the course was the knowledgeable, accessible instructor.”—Harold.G, Las Vegas, NV

“I am a Forex trader, and I thought Gabriel did an excellent job introducing everyone to Forex.”—Anonymous, Melbourne, Australia

“Very quality documentation and presentation technology… I didn’t expect I would learn as much as I did.”—Robert Allen, Fountain Hills, AZ

“The best takeaway was the workbook, which will allow me to review and trade the system.”—Rick F., Tampa, FL

“I loved the class and would recommend.”—Terry Hudgins, Farmville, VA

“The course dispelled my erroneous beliefs about the Forex market, and there is a definite nugget by integrating simulation into the course.”—John G., Melbourne, FL

“These are thoroughly tested and proven systems, with quantified proven results.”—Jim Cook, Waterville, ME

“Before the workshop, I thought Forex was too risky for trading, but now I can see myself trading Forex. I would like to attend a longer workshop with Gabriel.”—Peter W, New York, NY

“I think the structure is great for learning—basic information, system description, examples, and then live-trading the simulator. Do more of these.”—Jan S., Madrid, Spain

The best aspect of the course was…

“Expertise of instructor; his accessibility and clear answers to questions, use of many charts, real-life examples.”—Kathy McGuire, Asheville, NC

“The well-organized workbook and the live simulator really helped my understanding of the concepts… The instructor did a great job organizing the course, as well as teaching the course.”—Anonymous

“Live-trade walkthroughs and associated discussions.”—Peter Shearing, Australia

“Learning 3 specific, tested systems in a new (to me) market (FX).”—Daniel Taylor, Dallas, TX

My biggest surprise of the course was…

“That all of the expectations I had were met or exceeded (I actually created an expectation list prior to arriving).”

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